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Koolance CPU-330 and VID-282 Waterblock Review

Manufacturer: Koolance

Introduction and Features

Koolance is a well-respected name in the PC water-cooling community.  In addition to professionally designed and built liquid cooling systems, Koolance offers a wide variety of high quality components for the DIY enthusiast.  If you are like most users who don’t have the expertise and/or resources to build your own components, you will most likely want to purchase a couple waterblocks for your custom water-cooling system.  Koolance offers a full selection of waterblocks designed to cool the latest CPUs, video cards, motherboard chipsets, VRMs and even hard drives. 

In this review we are going to take a detailed look at two of Koolance’s latest cooling blocks; the CPU-330 (universal CPU cooling block) and the VID-282 (NVidia 8800 GTX/Ultra cooling block).

Koolance CPU-330 Cooling Block (available at

The Koolance CPU-330 cooling block is designed to cool both single and multi-core CPUs and features a gold-plated copper base and anodized aluminum top.  The universal mounting hardware supports all the latest CPUs from Intel and AMD.

CPU-330 Key Features:

•    Pure copper base for excellent heat transfer

•    24k Gold plating prevents tarnishing and corrosion

•    Sturdy anodized aluminum cover

•    Standard G ¼” threaded ports

•    Chrome plated, universal mounting hardware

•    Intel: LGA775, 478, and Xeon

•    AMD: AM2, Opteron, XP, and Duron

Koolance VID-282 Cooling Block (available at

The Koolance VID-282 cooling block is designed to cool the NVidia 8800 GTX/Ultra graphics card (the VID-280 supports the 8800 GTS).  It features a large, gold plated copper waterblock designed to cool not only the GPU but also the memory chips, VRMs (Voltage Regulator Modules), and PCI-E controller chip.

The VID-282 supports both single card and SLI configurations.  Koolance offers specially designed nozzles for directly connecting dual graphic cards (available in 1, 2 or 3 slot spacing lengths).

VID-282 Key Features:

•    24k Gold plated, copper base for excellent heat transfer

•    Sturdy anodized aluminum cover

•    Steel threaded inserts

•    Standard G ¼” threaded ports on both sides

•    Supports NVidia 8800 GTX and Ultra video cards

Koolance Nozzles

Both the CPU-330 and VID-282 cooling blocks come with G ¼” threaded ports.  Nozzles (hose barbs) must be purchased separately and come in three different tube sizes: 1/2” (13mm), 3/8” (10mm), and 1/4” (6mm) ID. 

Koolance nozzles are also available in several different styles including: straight, right-angle, swivel, dual video card, etc.

Important Note: Koolance nozzles are specially designed and manufactured to work with Koolance waterblocks.  The threaded part of generic G ¼” nozzles (barbed fittings) are typically longer and will most likely hurt performance by reducing/blocking water flow.  Be sure to use Koolance nozzles with your Koolance cooling blocks!

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