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Kingwin Lazer Platinum Series 550W Power Supply Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Kingwin
Tagged: PSU, Kingwin

A Detailed Look

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The steel enclosure of the Kingwin LZP-550 power supply features a nice black-matt finish and measures 180mm (7.1”) long (the Kingwin literature currently states 170mm).  The Lazer Platinum Series PSU uses a single 140mm fan on the bottom for cooling.  The speed of the 140mm Kingwin labeled fan is automatically controlled by an Intelligent Auto Fan Speed control that works along with Kingwin's ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System.  What all that intelligence really means is that the fan does not turn on until the load and internal temperatures are high enough to require active cooling.  So at low to medium power levels with relatively cool ambient air temperatures (and good case cooling/airflow) the LZP-550 can operate in pure silent mode without the fan spinning.

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(Courtesy of Kingwin)

The backside panel includes a power receptacle and On-Off switch along with an open grill structure that allows air to exhaust out of the power supply with minimal restriction and turbulence when the cooling fan is running.

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The Kingwin LZP-550 PSU comes with a good assortment of fixed and modular cables.  The fixed cables are covered with plastic mesh sleeving while all the modular cables are black ribbon-style.  The LZP-550 features six Crystal Cube Modular sockets that provide power to the modular peripheral device and PCI-E cables.  Note: The Crystal Cube sockets no longer contain LED lights like they did on some previous Lazer Series power supplies.

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Fixed Cable:
• (1) ATX 20/24-pin
• (1) ATX12V EPS12V 4+4 pin
• (2) PCI Express 6-pin and 8-pin (6+2)

Modular Cables:
• (2) PCI Express: (1) 6-pin and (1) 8-pin (6+2)
• (2) Peripheral Molex (5 connectors) and (1) FDD connectors total
• (2) Serial ATA with 8 connectors total 

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The Kingwin LZP-550 PSU comes with six modular cables.

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