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The Iceberg Water Cooling System

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General

Features Part 2

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An extremely flexible “tubing, that is able to bend 180 degrees for long periods of time and when laid out flat it straightens right up again, is connected to the pre molded 0.375"intake and out put nipples on the top of the reservoir . [Be real nice to find this tubing in ½” and 3/8ths varieties for other projects]. The electric cable from the pump is passed up to the compression fitting at the top of the reservoir which screw’s tight to form a water tight seal. Filling the reservoir is simply done through a small hole that seals up with a rubber o ring and a screw cap

Water jacket

A 95% Al, 5% Cu Alloy is used for the block which weighs 110 grams .The 69mm x 12mm x 62mm block with 0.375"nipples I received was fairly scratched up and pitted, but not so bad that it can’t be lapped smooth at a later date. The internal construction of the block is a bit different then I have used before as it is more like a sandwiched rad inside then the traditional maze designs used by most other companies

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