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The Iceberg Water Cooling System

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General

Features Part 1

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The Iceberg kit is designed for those who wish to get their feet wet without a huge investment in cash & time that some other companies require. It comes with everything you will need to completely setup a fully functional water cooling system in about a ½ hr‘s time , with little or no case modifications necessary. The Iceberg works with Intel Socket 370/423/478 and AMD socket A processors and includes everything shown here BUT the Via Aqua 1300 pump with brass nipples [which is only there for size comparison]


The pump is rated for 150 gph and consumes about 7 watts. It sits inside a 90mm x 95mm x 100mm 2 part molded clear/ blue 100% Polycarbonate container that seals up with a rubber gasket. A 0.375” pre molded nipple on the inside of the reservoir lid and a short piece of tubing are used to connect the pump to the 0.375" output lines in the system. .Fitting the top of the reservoir to the base was the hardest part of the installation, which ,other then trying to seal it up with the thin rubber gasket they use for a water tight fit , was actually quite simple.[ Try at your own risk ,I never tried it but a small dab of super glue to hold the seal in place may make that an easier chore ] .

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