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Enermax Staray Mid Tower ATX Case Review

Manufacturer: Enermax

Introduction and Features

Enermax makes Staray functional, practical for budget consumers

Courtesy of Enermax (Note: The case we received has red LEDs for fans and power/reset buttons)

The of the best things PC builders can do to extend the life of their systems is purchase or build a case with excellent cooling options and features. Many vendors have echoed this statement by producing cases with a plethora of LED fans that cover every angle of the case for maximum cooling. Lately, we are also noticing larger, lower RPM fans being added, which also helps decrease heat in the system as well as increase the life of hardware inside.

Enermax has released a mid tower ATX case called the Staray for those budget users looking for a bit of flare and awesome cooling. This case features three 120mm "apollish" fans that have two different types of LED patterns as well as glossy red fins that can be removed for cleaning. They claim these fans will shine up to four times brighter than traditional LED fans so it will be interesting to see them in action. The "wind tunnel" effect is particularly neat and adds another dimension to the Staray.

Courtesy of Enermax

The Staray's cooling features are its primary selling point, but it also has a classy front panel that incorporates black steel mesh and red LED power and reset buttons. Enermax also included a button to control the front panel's 120mm fan LEDs. Beyond its cooling and style additions, the Staray was also equipped with several tool-less features to make installing optical bay drives, hard drives, and PCI devices quick and painless.

Enermax Staray mid tower ATX case features

  • Excellent thermal solution:

       - 2× 14 / 12cm fan slots on side

       - 12cm fan slot in front and rear

       - Arc meshed front panel design

       - Openings for external liquid cooling system

  • Front Apollish type fan:

       - Patented circular type LED light

       - 3-Mode LED Lighting: full whirl, partial twirl, and off

       - Shining sputtering finish with the glossy mirror-like surface

       - Twister bearing with long lifetime and low noise

       - Detachable fan blades for easy cleaning

  • Sturdy construction makes the chassis more durable
  • Unique symmetrical button design
  • Tool-free design provides easy assembling
  • Built-in cleanable front micro-dust filter

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