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Directron SF-201 Aluminum Mid-Tower Case

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: General


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There you have our examination, of the beautiful, high quality, superior cooling case better known as the Directron SF-201 and if that’s not enough, it’s available with a silver, green or blue front bezel to add that personal touch to your new case.

Now if you really want something sheek, the SF-201 is also available in an anodized Black finish, both inside and out, of course you can expect to pay a little more for this anodized beauty!! You can see it here:

I have mentioned a few things I would change, but overall and for the price, the SF-201 would have to go to the top of any list of stylish, high performance aluminum cases, especially for Gamers, Power-Users and Overclockers who all need that extra bit of cooling the SF-201 provides.

At a selling price of $149.95 USD, I have to say that the SF-201 is packed with value. Why not visit our friends at and pick one up for yourself. This one is MINE!!

My special thanks go to Michael Chang of Directron, for making this study possible and me a happy camper!!

Here is a direct link to the SF-201 page.

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