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Dimastech Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 Review

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Dimastech creates high-quality test bench for overclockers, hardware reviewers


Courtesy of Dimastech

Hardware reviewers and overclockers typically have one common trait they share – they like to test new components every day and push them to the limit. Instead of using the retail box the motherboard came in to create a “test bench” of sorts, Dimastech has provided an alternative called the Bench/Test Table Easy version 2.5. This metal, open-air beast supports a variety of motherboard types and liquid cooling solutions. This looks to be the most sturdy test bench we've seen manufactured yet. 



Dimastech test bench was used at 2009 Gigabyte Overclocking Championship regional finals

My first encounter with a Dimastech test bench was at last year's Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship regional finals in Los Angeles. While almost all of the other competitors were using a motherboard box as the base for their test stations, an overclocker by the name of William Harmon aka "Buckeye" brought with him the first version of the Dimastech Test Bench Easy (see pic above). The solid construction and unique design struck me from the moment I saw it so I talked to Buckeye about it for a while and found out it was created by a fairly new company based in Italy called Dimastech. This company is positioning itself to provide high-end air, water, and phase change cooling solutions as well as quality test benches.


Courtesy of Dimastech

The original Test Bench Easy debuted in 2007, and Dimastech said they took a lot of customer feedback from overclockers, enthusiast, and general users into the revisions added to the 2.5 version we are reviewing today. Some of the main revisions include adding support for different radiator brands and configurations and new thumbscrews to easily install hard drives, optical drives and even the power supply.


Courtesy of Dimastech

The actual construction of the Test Bench Table Easy v2.5 includes powder-coated paint in a variety of available colors and a heavy-duty 1.5mm thick Steel, Electrogalvanized, ColdRolled, Coil (SECC). All of the panels are laser cut with a CNC machine too.


Courtesy of Dimastech

Users can install up to three 5.25" devices in the optical bays and four 3.5" devices in the hard drive bay. Using extended power supplies is also not an issue with the Test Bench Table Easy V2.5. This bench can handle PSUs up to 22cm in length. There are also a plethora of accessories to discuss so let's get right into our review of the Test Bench Table Easy V2.5.

February 27, 2012 | 09:56 PM - Posted by Pratik (not verified)


Where can I buy a taller standoff? I am looking for a standoff which is arround 17mm height.

Please respond.


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