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Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: General


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All in all, the DigitalDoc5 works just as advertised although being somewhat of a pain to setup, the features offered are outstanding. If they had included more buttons rather than the useless 40 mm fan, you wouldn’t have to press the buttons so often to get to the setting you want to change. I especially like the ability to set the temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. This is extremely helpful when testing and reporting on HSF’s as most of the world uses the Celsius scale. Speaking of temperatures, the DigitalDoc5’s accuracy +/- 1 degree is an extremely comforting factor.

Is the DigitalDoc5 for everyone?? The answer is simple, NO!! But, if you’re bag is Performance, if you push your system to the outer limits, are a serious Overclocker or a Cooling Fanatic (like me), then this is one tool you just must have in your arsenal.

My Thanks

I would like to thank Michele & Jim of for supplying the DigitalDoc5 along with a Panasonic 120 mm fan for testing the DigitalDoc5. Whenever I’ve needed something Yesterday, I have always counted on Michele and Jim and I have never been disappointed.

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