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Corsair VX450W Power Supply Review - Power on a Budget

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Corsair Components

A Closer Look (Cont'd)

The Corsair VX450W power supply has a full assortment of cables and connectors, which are hard-wired into the PSU and covered with braided plastic mesh sleeving all the way to the end connector.  The cables range from 24” to 34” in length.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



  • Main power connector (24-pin/20-pin)

  • ATX 12V (4-pin)

  • EPS 12V (8-pin)

  • (1) PCI Express (6-pin)

  • (6) Peripheral Optical/HDD (4-pin)

  • (6) Peripheral Serial ATA (15-pin)

  • (2) Peripheral FDD (4-pin)

I was a little disappointed to find only one PCI-E connector.  Now I realize this power supply is not intended for high-end gaming systems running a pair of the latest power-hungry video cards in SLI or CrossFire mode.  But I also feel the VX450W may perform quite well with a single, moderately high-end video card or a pair of older cards.  (I suspect this may have been done intentionally to help protect market share of Corsair's two larger HX power supply units, which are targeted towards high-end gaming systems.)



To test this theory, I connected the Corsair VX450W power supply to my HSF test bed, which incorporates a P4 Extreme Edition dual core 955 processor and a pair of NVIDIA 7800 GTX 512 MB video cards.  (I had to use a dual 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCI-E adapter to power one of the video cards.)  Even under full gaming load the VX450W remained stable and quiet.


Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the Corsair VX450W power supply. 


(click to enlarge)


Like Corsair’s two previous PSUs, the new VX450W appears to be manufactured by Seasonic, which has an excellent reputation in the industry for producing high quality power supplies.


(click to enlarge)


The primary side features a single, large <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Hitachi electrolytic capacitor rated for 105°C.  The secondary side also uses high-quality Japanese caps rated for 105°C.


(click to enlarge)



(click to enlarge)


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