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Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 Power Supply Review

Manufacturer: Corsair Components

Introduction and Features


Corsair Memory continues to expand their PC power supply offering with the introduction of the Professional Series Gold line of power supplies, which currently includes three models: the AX750, AX850 and AX1200.  All Corsair Professional Series Gold power supplies have been designed with performance, quality, reliability and energy-efficiency in mind.  The AX1200 that we are reviewing today is Corsair's new flagship model and features 1,200W of DC output, all modular cables and is certified 80Plus Gold.  And the Professional Series Gold power supply units all come backed by a 7-year warranty and Corsair's comprehensive technical support and customer service.

Here is what Corsair has to say about their new Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply unit:  "The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply sets a new standard for performance, quality, reliability and energy-efficiency from a consumer PSU. With 90% or greater efficiency at 50% load, the Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 runs quieter, generates minimal excess heat, and saves you money every month due to lower energy bills, compared to lesser PSUs. The AX1200 has earned the 80Plus® Gold seal of approval, which is your guarantee that you're making the right choice for smart, efficient power delivery.

The Corsair AX1200 power supply is based on a server-grade power train architecture, and utilizes state-of-the-art technology and premium components. It is built to the highest quality standards with one aim alone – to deliver the precise features and performance that enthusiasts demand. The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 is rigorously tested at 100% load and an ambient temperature of 50°C, guaranteeing stability and reliability even in the most demanding, multi-core, multi-graphics card systems.

The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 also features a fully modular cable design whereby all cables detach from the power supply. During installation, this gives you the flexibility of using only the cables you need for a clean, clutter-free system build. The low-profile cables also aid airflow through the chassis, helping to maximize the cooling performance of your system. The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 is backed by an industry-leading 7-year warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum and the Tech Support Express helpdesk. If you require mission-critical stability, or you simply want the best 1200W power supply available, the Professional Series Gold AX1200 is the PSU for you."

Corsair AX1200 PSU Key Features:

•    Unique design, exclusive to Corsair

•    1,200 watts continuous power output (50°C)

•    100.4 Amp single +12V rail

•    80Plus Gold certified

•    Server-grade power train architecture

•    ZVS / ZCS technology

•    Independent DC-to-DC converters

•    Ultra quiet 140mm fan

•    Premium quality components

•    Fully modular cable system

•    Supports ATX12V v2.31 and EPS 2.92 standards

•    Universal AC input with Active PFC

•    Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuit protection

•    Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 200mm (L)

•    7-Year warranty and legendary Corsair customer service

Packaging and Parts

The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply arrived securely packed inside a large retail box showcasing the unit’s features and specifications.  The power supply is protected by thick foam inserts and wrapped in a fancy black felt bag with the Corsair logo.

In addition to the power supply the box also contains a power cord, mounting screws, wire ties, Corsair case badge, a multi-language User’s Manual and a black nylon pouch containing 19 modular cables.

Testing Methodology

Establishing an accurate load is critical to testing and evaluating a PC power supply.  PCPerspective’s power supply test bench can place a precise 2,000 watt DC load on the PSU under test.  Each power supply is tested under controlled, real-world conditions up to its maximum rated load (at 40ºC), using both 115 VAC and 240 VAC line voltage.  Our current suite of tests includes:

•    DC Load Regulation

•    DC Line Regulation

•    DC Cross-load (unbalanced load)

•    AC Ripple and Noise

•    Power Factor

•    Efficiency

•    Differential Temperature

•    Noise

The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply was evaluated on both features and performance.  A full range of equipment was used to test the power supply under controlled load conditions. 

•    (2) CSI3710A Programmable DC load (+3.3V and +5V outputs)

•    (4) CSI3711A Programmable DC load (+12V1, +12V2, +12V3, and +12V4)

•    (2) 200W Precision resistor load bank (+12V5 and +12V6)

•    Switchable precision resistor load bank (-12V and +5VSB)

•    Extech MultiMaster MM570 digital multimeter (Accuracy ±0.02%)

•    Extech 380803 Power Analyzer (Accuracy ±0.5% of full scale)

•    DS1M12 "StingRay" digital oscilloscope (20M S/s with 12 Bit ADC)

•    Powerstat Variable Autotransformer, 1.4 KVA, 0-140 VAC

•    Extech Model 407738 digital sound level meter (Accuracy ±1.5 dB)

•    Custom PC60 enclosure to simulate real-world operating conditions

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