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Corsair Obsidian Series 450D Performance Mid-Tower PC Case Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Corsair

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Obsidian Series 450D Mid-Tower case shares many of the same design elements present on Corsair’s popular Obsidian 350D micro-ATX chassis, 750D Full-Tower and the 900D Super-Tower enclosures. The Obsidian 450D case can easily accommodate one or more extended VGA adapters and offers three internal 3.5” HDD/SSD mounting trays, two internal 2.5” SSD trays, and two external 5.25” drive bays but does not have any built in 3.5”/2.5” HDD hot-swap options. The new 450D Mid-Tower case appears to incorporate several design features intended to reduce manufacturing costs while preserving much of the high-end look and feel of previous Obsidian Series enclosures. While for the most part successful (the price is considerably less than the 650D), we still miss the robust fit-n-finish of the classic 650D Mid-Tower enclosure.

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(Courtesy of Corsair)

Case cooling is very good with minimal noise right out of the box thanks to the three included Corsair fans (2 x 140mm, 1 x 120mm) configured to provide positive case air pressure.  Three easily removable air filters help keep the dust out. And if you want to go with liquid cooling the 450D can accommodate just about anything you might plan to use; with four different radiator mounting locations supporting single, dual or triple fan combinations.

Overall the build quality is good, the case is easy to work with, and it provides very good cooling in the base configuration with the three included fans. If you are looking for a mid-tower case with good looks and excellent cooling that is easy to work with, then the new Obsidian 450D might just be what you are looking for!

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The MSRP for the Corsair Obsidian Series 450D Mid-Tower ATX case is $119.99 USD and it should become available in April 2014 from Corsair’s worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers.  

•    Very good case cooling options with support for liquid cooling
•    Two 140mm intake fans and one 120mm exhaust fan included (relatively quiet)
•    Eight different case fan mounting locations
•    Three dust filters: easy to remove and washable
•    Support for multiple location and different size liquid cooling radiators
•    Tool-free ODD, 3.5” HDD, and 2.5” SSD tray mounts
•    Two 5.25" external, three 3.5” internal, and two 2.5” SSD bays
•    Oversized CPU back plate cutout for easy CPU cooler installation
•    Allows installing extended VGA adapters (up to 430mm long)
•    Good cable routing cutouts and extra room for neat wiring
•    Two front panel USB 3.0 ports and I/O panel

Minor Weaknesses:
•    No external hot-swap 3.5” HDD bays
•    We miss the robust fit and finish of the classic 650D Mid-Tower enclosure

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Corsair Obsidian Series 450D Mid-Tower ATX Case

I would like to thank our friends at Corsair for sending us the 450D case to review – thank you!

March 27, 2014 | 01:04 PM - Posted by Disappointed! (not verified)

I see that your case reviews are still lacking the PcPer touch as most of the imagery is from Corsair!?

Do you really not think as a reviewer you should be testing things yourself!? Like installing a full system and testing the thermals, instead of filling your review with promo material from Corsair. The reader might as well just go to the Corsair page and read that.

Still disappointed, might have to look elsewhere for better reviews in the future...


April 3, 2014 | 01:27 AM - Posted by Ryan Shrout

Should you maybe look past the first page...?

April 18, 2014 | 04:10 AM - Posted by Questtt3 (not verified)

Great review with great real world applicable detail--thank you!!

Recognizing the 450D is an ATX case, and the 350D is M-ATX, in terms of quality of build, do you have a preference?

Also, with an eye on heat and sound (quieter), if running 2 GPUs in SLI or even a single GPU (ex. GTX 780)--which case would you choose--350D or 450D?

Thank you very much!!

April 18, 2014 | 04:13 AM - Posted by Questtt3 (not verified)

"Also, with an eye on heat and sound (quieter), if running 2 GPUs in SLI or even a single GPU (ex. GTX 780)--which case would you choose--350D or 450D?"

(Should have included . . . ) . . . case/system to be on desk and used as workstation, flight simulator and HD video editing computer.

Thanks again!

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