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Corsair Carbide 330R Quiet Mid-Tower Case Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Corsair

A Detailed Look – From the Outside

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The Corsair Carbide 330R Quiet Mid-Tower case is made from a combination of steel and plastic parts.  The overall fit and finish of the 330R Quiet case is good but understandably not of the same quality as some of Corsair’s other high-end cases. The case is painted black inside and out. The riveted SECC chassis is light weight but rigid and the black matte powder coat finish matches the black plastic parts well.

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The hinged front door is reversible and made entirely out of plastic, which gives it a somewhat flimsy feel while opening and closing the door. The inside of the front door is covered with sound absorption material.  Opening the door exposes three external 5.25” drive bays, which are fitted with plastic covers. The lower section of the front panel is covered by an easily removed dust filter and the 5.25” bay covers also contain vent openings with dust filters. The 330R Quiet case comes with one 140mm intake fan located behind the grill in the mid-section with a second optional fan location below it. The fan blows air directly into the main chamber of the case and is not restricted by a HDD cage. A second optional fan could be used to blow air in across the internal HDD cage.

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Both side panels are removable and secured with two thumb screws at the back. The side panels are solid (no window option) and covered with sound absorption foam on the inside. In practice, both side panels are relatively easy to take off and re-install and fit securely once in place.

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The top panel of the 330R Quiet enclosure is removable – snaps on and off, and is also lined with sound absorption material. Removing the top panel exposes two fan locations (120mm or 140mm) that can also accommodate a dual-fan radiator for liquid cooling if desired.

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An external I/O panel is located at the top of the 330R Quiet case, just above the door for convenience, and contains:

• (2) USB 3.0 ports
• Headphone Out
• Microphone In
• System Reset Button
• Main Power Button
• Power and HDD Activity light

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Looking at the rear of the enclosure reveals a typical ATX-tower style layout with the power supply mounted at the bottom of the enclosure instead of the top.  A 120mm exhaust fan comes pre-installed and there are three pop-out openings below the fan for routing external liquid-cooling hoses in and out of the chassis if desired.

All of the expansion card brackets contain ventilation slots to allow warm air to exhaust out the rear of the case and are secured with thumb screws.

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Flipping the 330R Quiet case upside down exposes four rubber feet and a large dust filter for the power supply air intake area. The filter is held in place with magnets so it can be easily removed and cleaned.

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September 13, 2013 | 10:28 PM - Posted by mdwarner

Got one of these a few weeks ago. Bit tight but able to hit H110 and runs very cool and quiet with it. Only complaint is with H110 the top fan grill will occasionally vibrate and bounce of of the fans/rad.

September 15, 2013 | 04:08 AM - Posted by lobstershaver

Three hings I 'd like to see revised on this case.
1: Grommeted cable routing holes. (no real excuse as to why this isn't included)
2: More rear motherboard cable notches. (there are very few)
3: Less restricted front frame for better airflow.

I like the idea of this case, but it seems to cut corners.

September 15, 2013 | 09:06 PM - Posted by Panta

most Corsair cases HDD Cage at this level
are VERY restricted, that's something they got to fix.

September 15, 2013 | 08:58 PM - Posted by Panta

300R was a nightmare build for me, compare to the 200R delight
hope they fix it in the 330R.

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