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Cooler Master Cosmos S Full-Tower Case Review

Manufacturer: Cooler Master

Features and Specifications

Cooler Master recently added the Cosmos S (Sport) to their complete lineup of full-tower enclosures.  Building on the popularity of the Cosmos 1000, the new S version features numerous styling changes on all sides and comes with black anodized side panels and an aluminum chassis.  The case cooling system has also been redesigned with more fans, more options, and more support for water-cooling.

Here is what Cooler Master has to say about their new flagship gaming enclosure:

“Today, the best just got better as Cooler Master unleashes the Cosmos S chassis, featuring a new racing design, a touch-sensitive panel, and a gamut of user-friendly features, the Cosmos S is the evolution of the ultimate PC enclosure.  One is immediately drawn in by its sleek contours and exhilarating styling.  Inspired by some of the world’s finest race cars, the Cosmos S exudes both speed and sophistication.  Built like a race car, the Cosmos S doesn’t get by on mere looks alone.  A look under the hood reveals a high-performance chassis designed for maximum thermal performance.”

And if you would like to see what Ryan had to say about the original Cosmos 1000, here is a link to his informative review.  In fact Ryan was so impressed with the Cosmos he reviewed; it is now home to one of his main office PCs!

Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case Review – Silent and Cool (Sept. 2007)

Cooler Mater Cosmos S Key Features:

•    Cooler Mater’s flagship gaming chassis

•    Aluminum alloy chassis with black anodized aluminum side panels

•    Revised styling inspired by the hottest dream race cars

•    Enhanced cooling systems: (3) 120mm fans, (1) 200mm fan

•    Intelligent user interface with built-in touch sensor

•    Top mounted, concealable I/O panel

•    Sport version of the Cosmos 1000

Cosmos S Specifications (from Cooler Mater’s website)

The Cooler Master Cosmos S full-tower enclosure ships carefully wrapped in plastic inside a tough cloth bag nestled between large Styrofoam end caps for protection.

Along with providing an extra layer of protection, the heavy-duty brown fabric bag provides a convenient way to lift the case out of the retail shipping box.  And thanks to its new aluminum chassis, the Cosmos S is noticeably lighter than the original Cosmos 1000.

Packed inside the enclosure is a small box of parts and an Installation Guide. The box contains all the accessories that come with the case (screws, hardware, cable anchors, wire ties, 5.25” to 3.5” bay brackets, speaker, and 8-pin CPU power extension cable).

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