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Cooler Master Aerogate II and Musketeer Multi-function Control Panels

Manufacturer: Cooler Master

Introduction and Specifications

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In this review we will look at two new multi-function control panel offerings from Cooler Master. Both of these devices are designed to fit into an empty 5.25” drive bay but their functions and styling are quite different. The Cooler Master Aerogate II is a modern, high-tech four-channel fan speed controller and temperature monitoring unit. The Musketeer on the other hand offers a stylish retro-look reminiscent of the days when vacuum tubes and analog panel meters were the norm. The Musketeer monitors fan voltage, audio sound level and one temperature sensor, and allows adjusting the speed of one fan and attenuating the PC’s sound card output level.

Cooler Master continues to expand their line of innovative PC accessories to complement their well-known and highly respected cases. Either of these new products will add functionality and a touch of class to your PC.

Cooler Master Aerogate II(Fan Control & Temperature monitor) Cooler Master Musketeer(Fan voltage, VU and temperature monitor)

Cooler Master Aerogate II

(Fan Control & Temperature monitor)

Cooler Master Musketeer

(Fan voltage, VU and temperature monitor)


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