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Cooler Master Aerogate II and Musketeer Multi-function Control Panels

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Cooler Master

The Musketeer

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The Cooler Master Musketeer is pure eye-candy. This little unit should really appeal to anyone who enjoys the analog look and wants to keep an eye on a few key parameters. The Musketeer arrived securely packed in a box similar to the Aerogate II, but larger. All the hardware and cabling needed to install the Musketeer is included.

  • Musketeer display and control unit
  • Thermal probe
  • 3-pin fan extension cable
  • 3-pin to 4-pin fan extension cable
  • PCI slot bracket with audio In/Out jacks
  • Audio patch cable
  • Mounting screws
  • Printed User’s Manual

There are three large meters on the front panel of the Musketeer. They display fan voltage, sound level and a temperature of your choice (depending on where you mount the probe). There are also two slider controls for manually trimming the voltage supplied to one fan and adjusting the audio output levels from the computer’s sound card.

A quick look inside reveals a single circuit board with lots of real estate for component placement. Cooler Master did not scrimp on materials when building the Musketeer – the enclosure is made of heavy gauge steel – much sturdier than a typical optical drive enclosure.

The Musketeer is about the same size as a standard optical drive and mounts in a spare drive bay with four screws. There are four, clearly marked connectors on the back panel for attaching the unit to the included temperature probe, 12 VDC power, the audio cable and a fan.

The temperature probe is a flat thermistor type and can be mounted wherever you would like to monitor a particular temperature (CPU, internal case, HDD, GPU, etc).

The included audio bracket mounts in a spare PCI expansion slot and provides both audio In and audio Out jacks for connecting the Musketeer to the computer’s audio card output.

The Musketeer allows connecting one fan for speed control. The fan controller has a maximum output capacity of 18 watts, so several case fans can be connected to this single output as long as the total power draw does not exceed 18 watts. Cooler Master includes two fan extension cables: one for a 3-pin fan and the other for a 4-pin fan. The 3-pin cable even has a remote tach signal connector, which can be plugged into a motherboard fan header.

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