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Cooler Master Aero 7+ Heatsink Fan

Manufacturer: CoolerMaster


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The Cooler Master Aero 7 is back! The new Aero 7+ replaces the original Aero 7 and now comes with an 80 mm blower and redesigned retention clip. Cooler Master had a few minor problems with the original Aero 7 but they appear to have solved them with the latest revision Aero 7+. To see what makes this new CPU cooler really tick, we will be evaluating the solid copper heatsink and new Aero V blower – together and separately with several other popular HSF combinations.

(Original Aero 7 – new Aero 7+)

(Original Aero 7 – new Aero 7+)

The stylish Aero 7+ is securely packaged in a plastic blister-pack (which can be easily opened from the bottom). The heatsink, fan shroud and blower come pre-assembled and the kit also includes two fan speed-control mounting brackets, a tube of white thermal grease, a printed installation guide and a Cooler Master case badge. Cooler Master continues to maintain their high standards in workmanship and attention to detail with the Aero 7+ CPU cooler.