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Cooler Master ATC-600 Desktop Case

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: CoolerMaster

Internal Examination

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Once we removed the four thumbscrews and have lifted the cover off of the ATC-600 you’re faced with a pretty roomy interior. The cross member is there for support and removing it to install the motherboard really isn’t necessary, unless you mount your HSF after installing the motherboard. It is held in position by three Philips head screws on both ends.

The two 60 mm intake fans can be seen (photo above), one on each side of the
case as can the power supply platform mentioned earlier. At the top of the photo you can see the bay racks, the one on the right in our photo must be removed to install drives on the rack on the left which is non-removable.

The photo shown here is a close up view of the power supply platform that is riveted to the bottom of the case. I believe you can see why I said earlier that a power supply with two fans with one on the bottom would be redundant.

The power supply frame on the back of the case is not removable, so there is only one way to orient the power supply. One of the features I really like about the ATC-600, especially when it’s compared to a small tower, is that it is very easy to control the power supply cables as well as the drive cables, so that you have no interference/disruption of airflow, which insures the maximum cooling effect that the stock fans can deliver and speaking of the fans, this photo shows you the mounting of the intake fans to the side rails of the ATC-600 and quickly explains why 80 mm fans were not used.

Finally, it’s time to look at the drive racks themselves, if you remember; I mentioned earlier that the rack on the right in our photo had to be removed, to be able to install your drives in the rack on the left.

If you look closely, you can see two of the retaining screws near the cross member. The rack itself surprised me in that the hard drives mount to top of the bracket, this is a radical change from the desktop cases of the past, but it does make sense when you consider that today’s hard drives run considerably hotter than they did when desktop cases were all the rage. It’s obvious that Cooler Master recognized this and decided to allow the aluminum case to do what it does best, act as a huge heatsink to dissipate the heat created by the hard drives.

Your CD ROM, DVD or CDRW which is my choice for this case mounts underneath the hard drive; on the left side I mounted a floppy in a 5.25” drive bracket. Once you’ve installed your drives, you realize that you have plenty of room underneath them to store any excess drive cables.
All in all, the Cooler Master ATC-600 offers you a very neat, clean, uncluttered work environment and was a joy to work with!!

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