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Cooler Master ATC 310 Server Case Review

Manufacturer: CoolerMaster


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The ATC-310 is an exceptional piece of art; whereas you can look at it, but don't touch it. With such beauty, come caveats. I have found that with the elimination of weight due to the aluminum construction, the enclosure is very fragile. So fragile, that one needs to practice due caution of the amount of pressure he or she applies when screwing or inserting devices into position. The aluminum infrastructure is so delicate, that I had to be careful not to bend the “slats” of the motherboard tray and side panels. While this is certainly a case to covet, it is definitely not for the individual who continually breaks-down and re-tools computers as a sideline. I can see with a little overzealous use, the ATC-310 will not last long. It's all aluminum construction, fragile side panels and imperfect motherboard tray assembly, make for a unique and specific purchasing environment.

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Though a little dark, still illustrates this variable wind tunnel that’s taking place. In essence, you have five exhaust fans cycling the air for maximum efficiency. Makes for one hell of a blow dryer.

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Another side view of the ATC-310. The lower corner shows the additional fan of the Enermax. This is supposedly controlled by the motherboards BIOS. In case of overheating, the BIOS controlled fan will activate and provide additional cooling.

While the ATC-310’s accoutrements such as the cross-fan, motherboard tray assembly, multiple cooling devices, make for an awesome gaming rig, does not warrant the thousand-dollar price tag. It is my belief that die-hard computer enthusiasts and tweakers alike may better benefit from the likes of Enermax and or Supermicro solutions. That is solid steel construction and build for the demanding desktop and server builders. It is important to note that CoolerMaster is aware of the problem with the motherboard tray and has stated that they are going to send me a replacement immediately. If the ATC-310's quirks and price tag do not leave you a little weak in the knees, than this may be the case for you. With all the little foibles, the ATC-310 has still proven itself as one of the elite enclosures available and has found its home as a permanent fixture of the good doctor.

In closing, due to the steep price of the ATC-310, procurement is difficult at best. Your only option is to contact CoolerMaster direct in their Fremont or Los Angeles California offices. In turn, CoolerMaster will import the ATC-310 from their headquarters in Taiwan. Shipping will set you back approximately fifty to one hundred dollars.


  • Design
  • Aesthetics
  • Fan Accoutrements
  • 300MM Cross Fan
  • Hard Drive Enclosure
  • Motherboard Tray
  • Thumbscrew Design


  • Design
  • Cost
  • Fit & Finish
  • Did I Say Cost?

Overall Rating

(7.0 / 10.0)

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