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Cooleaster CWC01 Copper Cooler Review

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: General

System Setup, Analysis and Conclusion

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On to the business at hand, we’ll share our findings with you based on the performance of the Cooleaster CWC01 Copper Cooler using four different 60 mm fans and we will include the temperatures, the CFM’s and dBA’s of each as well.

Our test system is comprised of the Athlon XP-1800 CPU which at stock settings equals 1.53 MHz at 66 watts, 512 Mbytes of Crucial PC2100 DDR memory on a Soyo Dragon Plus motherboard housed in a Cooler Master ATC-201 Aluminum Case which we believe is the most cooling friendly case available. Also included are all the amenities you would expect to find in a high end computer, including Silver Series Rounded IDE Cables, CDROM, CDRW, a Floppy Drive, Iomega Zip 250 and a Seagate 60 Gig ATA100 hard drive running Windows ME.

Our tests are conducted under real world conditions in a closed aluminum case using a mix of software that best reflects the usage patterns of the majority of computers used day in and day out. The tests run for a consecutive four day period. To record temperatures, we employ Award Bios and a heat sensor applied next to the CPU's core from the DigitalDoc5. The room temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit or 23.3 degrees Celsius is maintained +/- four tenths of a degree.

The mix of software used in our study consisted of business and accounting applications, a varied combination of utilities, AutoCAD Lite, graphic intensive packages, 3D games, surfing the net and burning our favorite CD's. Fifty readings per day are taken for a total of 200 separate readings, with the high and low readings for each day removed leaving a total 192 readings which are then averaged out to obtain our "Average Attained Temperature".

What we are able to achieve depends a great deal on having excellent system cooling in place, in an Aluminum case. A tremendous factor often not paid attention to, but critical is the "Ambient Room Temperature" and the ability we have to control it. You may not be able to achieve what we have because of differences in equipment and environment. It is also important to note, that the test system is NOT overclocked in any way and our results were achieved running at stock settings.

The Cooleaster CWC01 was tested with all four fans and put through the exact same testing procedure; nothing was changed except the fans used.

First, we’ll check out how well our CWC01 performed against three of the best all copper HSF’s that use 60 mm fans as standard equipment. Here is a change for you; we used the same Delta AFB0612EH fan on all four of our coolers. The Delta produces 37.61 CFM’s at a noise level of 46.5 dBA’s. Why is this change?? Because the stock fan on the CWC01 is the YS Tech NFD126025BB-2F that produces 40.1 CFM at 48.2 dBA’s.


Avg. Attained Temps.

Thermalright SK-6

87F – 30.6C

Cooler Master HHC-001

87F – 30.6C

Akasa Silver Mountain

90F – 32.2C

Cooleaster CWC01

91F – 32.8C

Now let’s look at their approximate retail selling prices with the fan included:

Heatsinks Price

Thermalright SK-6 $ 32.95 USD

Cooler Master HHC-001 $ 34.95 USD

Akasa Silver Mountain $ 38.99 USD

Cooleaster CWC01 $ 29.95 USD

Finally, we’ll take a look at how well the performed using four different 60 mm fans that get progressively quieter.

Fan CFM’s dBA’sAve. Attained Temps.

YS Tech NFD126025BB-2F 40.10 48.2 89F – 31.7C

Delta AFB0612EH 37.61 46.5 91F – 32.8C

ThermalTake TT-6025-A* 31.00 28.0 97F – 36.1C

Sunon GM1206PTBX-AF 27.00 38.2 98F – 36.7C

* Like many others, I doubt the validity of the CFM and dBA numbers supplied by ThermalTake, I would have expected a wider spread in the attained average temperature between it and the Sunon fan, that is, if the manufacturers numbers are correct!!


Just about every copper cooler on the market today, requires the use of high speed noisy fans to produce their optimal results, in this study we have attempted to give you a choice of options, just remember the lower the CFM’s and the quieter the fan the less efficient an all copper HSF becomes!!

There is not much of a difference in some of the world’s best all copper coolers, the temperature is not the only factor involved, but the one most people strive for. For Overclockers every degree counts. To the average person, what matters most is maintaining a stable computing environment and all of the HSF’s in our study meet this criteria.

Most users either choose one that is appealing to them while still very efficient, while others, buy strictly on price. In the Cooleaster CWC01 all Copper Cooler you get the entire package all in one beautiful cooler!!
For additional information and/or buy the CWC01, please contact!!

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