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Computex 2008 - Power Supplies, Cooling and Cases

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No, we are NOT done covering Computex quite yet!  In this episode of images and information from the show we'll dive into the world of cases, cooling and power supplies from vendors like Antec, ASUS, Thermaltake and more. 


We have previous posted about this Antec Skeleton case in a news post, but it's worth revisiting.

This is really an enthusiast chassis that is completely open, allowing for easy component replacement and adjustment.  With slide out drawers on rails that allow you to move the motherboard section and power supply
section out from under the ENORMOUS LED-lit fan, it is a
frequent-component-changers dream case.  Which means that you will be
sure to find several of them in our testing labs very soon!

Antec had a very interesting power supply on display as well - the CP-850 that shuns traditional ATX form factors.  By allowing for a bigger PSU design Antec is able to create a much quieter and more efficient power supply that is custom fit for certain Antec chassis that accept this design.