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Chieftec AH-01SL Aluminum Midtower Case

Author: Ron Goldin
Manufacturer: General

The Outside & Inside

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The case comes in a no frills box right from Directron. Nothing fancy about it, until you open the box and take out the case. The silver is strikingly similar to aluminum in color. As with any case, full aluminum or just partially aluminum, the front panel is just a tad different in color, mostly due to the angle of view and lighting effects. In the end, it’s the same color.

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Here you can see the front of the case quite clearly. The huge black power button is not something you can miss and the offset color of black goes well with this case. At the bottom of this case are 4 well attached rubber legs so your case doesn’t slide. At only 12 lbs empty, this case won’t weigh very much at all full of components and there is some need to make sure it doesn’t get pushed around.

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Once you start to look inside you can easily see the resemblance to Antec cases. But that is solely aesthetic. Chenming is the one who designed these cases, but manufacturers such as Antec, Thermaltake, and Chieftec can vary the appearance of this case widely with their own designs for materials used and the front panel. Depending on the parts used, this case design has shown over and over again to be a great performer when it comes to cooling and functionality. Once inside the Chieftec, you can see all of the aluminum shining brightly in the pictures. Even the back panel and inside the side panel shine when taken into the light. Rounded edges can be found everywhere so don’t fret about cuts on this case.

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Here you can see the back plate quite well along with the PC99 color coding for all of your I/O ports. Next to them is a picture of what can be found inside the case, the bag of screws and MB standoffs and the guides for the 5¼” bays to slide your CDRs in easily.

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Here you can see the front bays, plastic fan holders, and the HDD bay that is easily removed to speed the install of your system. You can also see the fan holder for the single rear fan along with the power supply brace as well. Also notice in the last picture the button on the front fascia. That is how you remove the top portion of the front panel, by pressing on two buttons on opposite sides of the case and pulling it off. Rather unique indeed. No messing with the front panel wiring if all you want to do is put in a second CDR down the road.

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