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The Black Edge, Flow Rates & Radiator Comparison

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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to review the New Black Edge water-block and the LEXAN clamp sent to me from Brian at BeCooling; I had used the Via Aqua 1300 pump and the original style AquaCoil radiator with the Black Edge in that review and found the performance was decent. However, I felt that using a radiator with a less restrictive flow design would achieve much better results.

Since that review, Dave Smith from has written two articles where he talks about flow rates among other things. I felt that the results that I achieved with the new radiator in place would help to illustrate his point of flow rates from a real working equipment point of view. Today we will be taking another look at the Black Edge with a different radiator in place, which allows for higher flow rates.

For those of you who are unaware of who Becooling is and what they are about, here is some information and history on them. They have been in business since Sept 1999 and are located in the U.S.A. Specializing in water cooling equipment for computers, they are a fast growing company who carry a very good selection of water cooling products and accessories. They also have their own CNC machine shop where they make most of their own products; however they do contract out certain parts and accessories.

Other then its looks, the Black Edge appears to be small and unimpressive, although in reality it is quite powerful. The New Black Edge is essentially the same block as the Jagged Edge, which utilizes a very simple maze design that has tiny grooves cut into the maze’s channel walls. This allows for the water to make contact with more of the copper surface area inside the block, allowing for a better heat transfer. On the bottom of the Black Edge is a very clean, smooth, mirrored finish. While additional lapping may result in better performance it isn’t necessary nor did I choose to lap it for this review (as most people who buy any type of hsf / water block do not do any lapping at all so my results are more accurate for those that wont be lapping their block).

The new Black Edge water jacket comes with a beautiful black powder coated finish which prevents tarnishing of the solid copper block underneath. To further enhance the new look, the Black Edge comes equipped with 3/8” chrome plated, barbed nipples and is held in place on my test rig by the LEXAN clamp. The LEXAN clamp is a piece of acrylic approximately 2” x 4” with holes cut in it to allow for the clamp to be placed over the water jacket and attaches to the motherboard using four bolts with springs. To mount it, use the four holes on your motherboard by your CPU and insert the four bolts. Next place the clamp over the water-block and add the four washers and springs. Lastly use the provided thumbscrews to tighten the clamp to the motherboard which in turn will hold the Black Edge securely in place. The Lexan does a great job; however you must either cut a hole on the back side of your mother board tray or take out the motherboard to mount your block.

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