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BFG Tech ES-800 Power Supply Review - Frequency Conversion

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: BFG Tech

A Detailed Look

The BFG Tech ES-800 800W power supply features a black-chrome electroplate finish that is very attractive but can easily be scratched. 

The backside panel includes a power receptacle and master On-Off switch.  The enclosure is only 165mm (6.5”) deep so it should fit in most cases and uses a single 138mm fan for cooling.

The fan speed is automatically controlled by the internal component temperature (speeds up as the combined load and temperature increases).  The large, 9 blade fan is manufactured by Globe Fan (RL4Z B1382012H) and incorporates dual ball bearings and is rated for 0.40A at 12V.  It is capable of starting and running at 3V (683 rpm), which is virtually silent.

The open honey comb grill on the back and slot openings across the front and sides allow air to exhaust out of the power supply for cooling all the internal components.

The BFG ES-800 power supply has a good assortment of hard wired cables and connectors.  All of the cables are covered with black, braided plastic mesh sleeving all the way to the end connectors and measure approximately 19” long (to the first connector), which might be a little on the short side in a large case.

•    Main power connector (24-pin/20-pin)

•    ATX 12V (4-pin)

•    EPS 12V (8-pin)

•    (2) PCI Express (6+2-pin)

•    (2) PCI Express (6-pin)

•    (6) Peripheral Optical/HDD (4-pin)

•    (6) Peripheral Serial ATA (15-pin)

•    (2) Peripheral FDD (4-pin)

The ES-800 features four PCI-E connectors; two standard 6-pin and two convertible 6+2-pin for use with newer, high power graphics cards that require a 8-pin PCI-E connector (NVIDIA 9800 GX2 or ATI HD 3870 X2, HD 2900 XT, etc.)  I don’t particularly like the fact that two PCI-E connectors share a common supply cable.

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