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Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System

Manufacturer: Aqua Computer

Introduction and Features


Aqua Computer’s new Aquaduct 360 XT is a self contained, external water cooling system that uses both passive and active cooling elements.  Two versions of the Aquaduct are available.  The top of the line Aquaduct 360 XT incorporates three 120mm cooling fans, a triple-size radiator, a built-in Aquaero controller and comes with the Aquasuite software.  The basic Aquaduct 240 uses two cooling fans, a smaller radiator and does not include the advanced controller or software.  What really makes the Aquaduct 360 XT unique is the embedded Aqua Computer controller that allows monitoring and controlling just about every variable in the water cooling system using the included Aquasuite software.

The Aquaduct 360 XT features two extruded aluminum side pieces that function both as a reservoir and passive radiators.  Inside the Aquaduct 360 XT is an Eheim DC pump, large dual pass radiator, three Airstream 120mm fans, Aqua flow sensor, and a sophisticated Aquaero display and control device.  The Aquaduct 360 XT can be operated using the built-in LCD display and push buttons but for advanced operation the Aquasuite software must be installed on the host computer, which communicates with the Aquaero via a USB connection.

Cuplex XT Double Impact CPU              AquagraFX 8800 GTX VGA

In addition to the Aquaduct 360 XT water cooling system, our friends at Sharka Computers sent along two of Aqua Computer’s latest waterblocks; the Cuplex XT Double Impact CPU waterblock and the AquagraFX 8800 GTX waterblock.  Now this is getting interesting!

Aquaduct 360 XT Key Features:

•    Quiet, high-performance external water cooling system

•    High quality construction and advanced design

•    Aquaduct passive and active cooling modes

•    Advanced Aquaero monitor and control unit with LCD display

•    Sophisticated Aquasuite software included

•    Quiet Eheim 1001 internal DC pump

•    Three programmable Airstream 120mm cooling fans

•    Airplex Pro 360 Triple radiator

•    Aqua water flow sensor

•    Water and air temperature sensors

•    Illuminated water channel bridge

•    Side water level indicator tubes

•    Easy to install and maintain

Packaging and Components

The Aquaduct 360 XT ships securely packed inside a cardboard box nestled between two large foam blocks. 

In addition to the main cooling unit, a smaller box of accessories includes everything needed for installation.  Waterblocks must be purchased separately.

•    Aquaduct 360 XT User’s Manual

•    Aquaero User’s Manual

•    Aquasuite software CD

•    DC Power cable

•    USB cable

•    I/O bracket pass through

•    ATX 20-pin jumper connector

•    Twin Nylon tubing

•    (2) Plug&Cool push-in tubing connectors

•    (2) Ball valve actuator handles

•    2mm Allen key

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