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Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Aqua Computer

Main Cooling Unit - External View

The Aquaduct 360 XT main cooling unit stands a full 23” (58.4cm) high and measures 8-3/4” (22cm) wide.  The unit is only 3-3/4” (9.5cm) thick at the base, which makes the large, tower-style cooler potentially easy to knock over if you aren’t careful.

The top and bottom sections of the main cooling unit appear to be machined from solid pieces of black Delrin (a popular engineering plastic).  Two hollow, extruded aluminum columns with fins make up the sides, which serve both as reservoirs and passive radiators.  Sheet metal plates painted black cover the front and back sides.  There are three 120mm stainless steel grills on the front to let air into the system and three more on the back to let the exhaust air back out.

At the top of the front panel is the built-in Aquaero controller.  Three push buttons to the right of the LCD display enable basic operation of the system but to fully access all the control and display capabilities of the Aquaduct water cooling system requires installing and using the Aquasuite software on the host computer.  The Aquaero receives 5 VDC and 12 VDC power from the host PC.  All of the internal devices are then powered from or attached to the Aquaero (pump, flow sensor, fans, temperature probes, and LEDs).

The top of the Aquaduct 360 XT is fitted with a blue-tinted Plexiglas cover.  Two sets of blue and red LEDs light up the top cover and illuminates the water flowing across the water channel bridge.  Note: The LED lights can be programmed from within the Aquasuite software to coincide with and monitor various system parameters.

Unfortunately the top cover has to be removed to fill the system or add water, which requires removing eight socket-head cap screws with the included 2mm Allen wrench.  Why AC elected not to include a nice threaded fill port is beyond me.

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