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Antec Phantom 500W Hybrid Fan PSU Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Antec

A Closer Look

The Phantom 500 power supply's heavy, extruded aluminum case serves as a heatsink to dissipate heat while the power supply is operating in silent (fan-less) mode.  The US version of the Phantom 500 power supply does not incorporate Active Power Factor Correction but instead claims a maximum efficiency of 86% (slightly higher than the European version, which does include Active PFC).  In addition to the power cord receptacle, On-Off switch, and manual voltage selector switch, there is a small blue cold-cathode light strip on the rear panel, which lights up when the power supply is turned on — cool!



As mentioned earlier, the main difference between the original Phantom 350 power supply and the new Phantom 500 is the inclusion of Antec's hybrid fan technology.  If the power supply's internal temperature rises above a user determined limit, the variable speed fan will activate and provide additional cooling.  This added forced air cooling allows for the Phantom 500's increased output capacity.



A small selector switch on the front side of the power supply allows the user to select between the three different activation temperatures (40°, 47.5°, or 55°C).  Whenever the power supply internal temperature falls below the selected limit, the fan will turn off and the power supply will operate in silent mode.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



Position 1:  High Performance Mode (fan turns on at 40°C)

Position 2:  Quiet Computing Mode (fan turns on at 47.5°C)

Position 3:  Virtually Silent Mode (55°C, Not recommended for overclockers or gamers)



The 80mm variable speed fan is mounted on the front end of the power supply and blows air thru the unit and out the open front grill.  Behind the black plastic end cap is a thin 80mm x 15mm fan (X-fan RDM8015B).  This fan uses ball bearings and has a maximum rating of 26.0 CFM at 2,500 RPM and 27.1 DBA.



Removing the plastic fan shroud and front grill exposes the Phantom 500's internal circuitry and shows how densely packed the components are.



Note the large aluminum heatsinks are coupled to the heavy case walls with thermal pads.



The Antec Phantom 500 comes with a full compliment of connectors. The wiring harnesses vary in length from approximately 18.5' long for the 24-pin main power cable to over 36' long for one of the peripheral drive cables.  Only the 24-pin main power cable is sleeved.




  • Main power connector (24-pin/20-pin)

  • ATX P4 12V (4-pin)

  • EPS 12V (8-pin)

  • (2) PCI Express (6-pin)

  • (5) Peripheral Optical/HDD (4-pin)

  • (2) Peripheral FDD (4-pin)

  • (4) Serial ATA (15-pin)

Note:  The configuration and number of cable connectors has evolved since the Phantom 500 was first released.  Adapter cables are no longer supplied or needed with the Phantom 500 PSU.



The extra 4-pins on the 24-pin main power connector are removable so no adapter cable is necessary when using the Phantom 500 power supply with a 20-pin motherboard.

Dual +12V outputs

The Antec Phantom 500 PSU incorporates dual 12V outputs (+12V1 and +12V2).  The following table shows the maximum rated current and what connectors are supplied by each of the two +12V outputs.




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