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Antec Dark Fleet DF-30 ATX Case Review

Author: Steve Grever
Manufacturer: Antec

Packaging and Included Accessories

Retail Packaging

The retail packaging Antec used for the DF-30 was a bit more unconventional than other PC enclosure packages I've seen. They focused on providing consumers large photos of some of the key features in action, which is a smart move that is usually glazed over by other vendors. The maroon and lamborghini yellow color scheme attracted my eye to the case packaging, which is definitely a good thing for consumers looking at different PC enclosures at retail stores like MicroCenter or Fry's Electronics.


One side panel showcases several features associated with the Dark Fleet DF-30 mid-tower chassis. I like more photos instead of text, but they should have used a larger and bolder font for the photo captions.


The other side panel has a nice studio photo of the case with the two 120mm blue LED fans glowing brightly behind black anodized honeycomb filters. The look of this case is quite unique and these types of studio photos really helps consumers gauge if the DF-30 will be a good fit for their gaming or enthusiast-level PC.


The internal packing materials are fairly standard, but they used a different type of foam to secure the case during shipping. I prefer this layered foam versus the standard styrofoam because it seems to mold itself better to the product and is soft enough to flex during shipping and handling. 


Included Accessories

The DF-30 doesn't come with any accessories to speak of. This user manual shown above gives users a detailed view of how to install their PC components into this specific mid-tower chassis. 


The only things Antec bundled with the DF-30 is two zip ties, a bag full of motherboard standoffs, screws, and a separate bag of hard drive screws and rubber grommets for 2.5" solid state drives.

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