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Aerocool El Badge

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: AeroCool Technologies

Taking a Closer Look

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The El Badge can be mounted on either flat or curved surfaces. The AeroCool website says it can be attached to the outside of a solid side panel or on the inside of a window with the included suction cups. However, if you mount the El Badge on the outside of your case you will have to figure out how to route the wiring inside to the inverter module and 12 VDC power source.

Backside of El-Dragon showing Electro-luminescent wiring

A five-conductor flat ribbon cable is attached to the bottom edge of the El Badge, which leads to a small inverter. The ribbon cable is 18.5” long with a connector in the middle so that the El Badge can easily be separated from the inverter.

The high voltage inverter is housed in a small plastic box, which comes with an adhesive pad for mounting. The inverter runs off 12 VDC and is supplied with a 4-pin pass-thru Molex connector.

Once mounted and energized the El-Dragon comes to life in an animated sequence utilizing five different colors that repeats approximately every 10 seconds. Because it incorporates electro-luminescent technology it generates no detectable heat.

One thing I would like to see included in future versions of the El Badge is control. It is designed to be colorful and dramatic, but sometimes enough is enough. At a minimum there should be an on/off switch, preferably pre-mounted in a 3.5” drive bay cover. Even better would be a multifunction switch that would allow several different operational states.

  • Off
  • On (all colors illuminated with no animation)
  • Animation (with animation effects)

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