Run for your lives, Mega-NAS is coming!!!

Subject: Storage | April 27, 2009 - 05:45 PM |

How much trouble could assembling two quad-core Xeon processors, sixteen gigabytes of RAM, a Velociraptor 300GB system drive, an Adaptec's SAS/SATA RAID controller and twenty 1.5TB Seagate hard drives be?  Join the trials and tribulations of setting up a 20TB NAS at Tweaknews.  By the end you should be able to set up a server with a huge amount of storage and that can transcode and stream content to your PS3.

Source: Tweaknews

Some people enjoy a good headache

Subject: General Tech | April 27, 2009 - 02:39 PM |

If you ever wished for a boot to the head when you are gaming, you have to spend the $40 it will cost to pick up the Audio2 FX2 Force Feedback Gaming Headset.  It uses old style dual RCA jacks as opposed to a USB connection, as well as batteries and a USB port to provide power.  OCMODSHOP was impressed with the sound quality, both playback and recording, and they did get a kick out of the force feedback.&nbs


Arctic Cooling's Payment Saving Unit

Subject: Cases and Cooling | April 27, 2009 - 01:35 PM |

At first glance the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R is quite unique, it comes in a plastic clamshell and bears an ECO 80 very prominently instead of its specs.  Once it is opened, you can see it has a pair of 17A 12V rails that can handle a maximum of 408W combined, something far more normal than the fans built into the PSU.  BCCHardware's testing did find that the power this PSU provides is stable, check out their full review here.

Source: BCCHardware

PCPer Roadtrip

Subject: Cases and Cooling | April 27, 2009 - 12:35 PM |

Ryan has bundled Steve off to LA to check out the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship, to see what ban be spotted.  Along the way, Steve stopped in at Kingston to check on the RAM scene.  See pictures of what might be the most exciting job on the planet, checking multiple PCs running stability tests on
RAM before it is sold.  On th other hand, you might want to buy those testers a Christmas present, without them buying RAM would be much more frustrating.

Only if you have 10 thumbs

Subject: General Tech | April 27, 2009 - 12:16 PM |

Handmade cabling or factory made?  It is a question that can bring up technical terms that sound more at home on the Enterprise than they do in a server room, such as standing harmonic waves, and the loudest proponents of factory cabling are likely to have cut their teeth on coaxial thicknet ethernet cables.  Slashdot is having it out here; the EEs and cabling guys are not getting along too well which makes for a more lively conversation.  Jump in if you have an opinion, otherwise keep cutting

Source: Slashdot

Thecus NAS Server - Powerful Storage and Backup Device for Mac Users

Subject: Storage | April 27, 2009 - 12:04 PM |

04/27/2009 - Great news for Mac users. Thecus proudly brings better and more powerful storage and backup solutions for Mac users. Instead of the usual and limited selection for Mac system, home users can enjoy much more network services from Thecus for much less cost.

Source: Thecus

PC Perspective on TWiT Live: Episode 22

Subject: Editorial | April 27, 2009 - 09:37 AM |

If you missed my weekly show on TWiT Live (
Laporte yesterday, we have the entirety of it now
available for you here.  In this episode we discussed the Caustic ray tracing, the Digital Storm 950 Si video review, AMD's Phenom II X4 955 processors and the Intel Core i5 processor delays. 

There is a bit of random talk at the beginning of the video, so jump to 07:00 or so!!

Live on TWiT.TV

Subject: General Tech | April 24, 2009 - 06:48 PM |

Be afraid, be very afraid.  Where once you were safe listening to our podcasts in audio forum only, our websites mad mastermind has decided to get together with TWiT.TV to provide a video accompaniment to the 'cast.  This also means the podcast is now recorded live, which can always add depth to performance.  You will need to wait until next Wednesday to see Josh, Al, Ryan and the wonderful Colleen, and even longer to see myself, but until the

If Khorne was shopping for motherboards ...

Subject: Motherboards | April 24, 2009 - 02:43 PM |

The Foxconn Bloodrage certainly has a powerful name, one almost as powerful as the hype that has been spread about the power of the board.  It is an X58 that is going it alone, no NForce 200 MCP to be found but you do get a SONAR X-Fi card to give a little more audio power to the board.  [H]ard|OCP were looking forward to seeing the test

Source: [H]ard|OCP

OCcam'Z Razor

Subject: Memory | April 24, 2009 - 01:46 PM |

The original 2000MHz DDR3 Blade series from OCZ comes at a very reasonable price, though it's latencies are higher than it's new brother.  If you want 7-8-7-20 timings, you are going to have to spend three times as much.  Those low timings are impressive for DDR3, let alo

What to get your little bundle of joy

Subject: Mobile | April 24, 2009 - 12:01 PM |

If you pick up an Alienware Area-51 m17x, the chances are you will pick up a hard case made of DU, a killer gaming mouse, LED lights and random USB gadgets and generally just pimp the smeg out of it. 
A netbook on the other hand is lucky if it is not just tossed into a gym bag, with no protection and no funky accessories at all.   Why not change that by taking a look at this kit from Targus that Futurelooks just reviewed.  Doesn't your netbook deserve a little bling?

Source: futurelooks

1.00 = 1.47, for today at least

Subject: General Tech | April 24, 2009 - 11:42 AM |

HEXUS has pegged the MSRP for the upcoming OCZ Z-Drive, that array of SSDs in a PCI-E 4x slot.  The 250GB version will be 950BP, say $1400USD, for ony $2150 you can double that storage, but of you want the big 1TbB model, you'd better have over $3300 kicking around.  To full enjoy the extra bandwidth, you should also pick up a regular SSD for your OS drive.  Not only will that help the transfer rates on your swap file and OS, there are not too many motherboards out there with a boot from PCI-E option.

Source: Hexus

OCZ Technology releases the Z-Drive

Subject: Storage | April 23, 2009 - 10:41 PM |

You might have seen glimpses of the OCZ Z-Drive around the internet.  As of today, it's official.  OCZ has taken 4 Vertex SSD's and ganged them up with a PCI-Express RAID controller to form a behemoth of an SSD.  We will be putting one of these beasts through its paces just as soon as it arrives.  Sequential speeds should reach 500 MB/sec, and available capacities will be 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB (!).  Some quick searching revealed pricing at ~$1200, ~$2000, and ~$3000, repsectively.

This better not be one long escort mission

Subject: General Tech | April 23, 2009 - 05:29 PM |

If you haven't played BioShock yet, then stop reading, go pick it up, play it through to the end and then come back.

OK, finshed?

Source: Wired News

Stick with a single or go for the pair?

Subject: Graphics Cards | April 23, 2009 - 04:15 PM |

Source: [H]ard|OCP

Fast and silent in one big cooler

Subject: Cases and Cooling | April 23, 2009 - 02:39 PM |

The Thermaltake Big Typ 14 Pro is a big cooler, 156mm x 155mm x 128mm to be exact, with a 140mm fan to provide the cooling.  In some cases it lacks features, for instance there is no back plate and it's shape can interfere with
larger DIMMs, both problems for extreme overclockers, but not for those looking for a mild overclock.  As Bjorn3D points out, this cooler is specifically for those who want a small overclock without sacrificing their eardrums.  Check out the review to see how well Thermaltake did.

Source: Bjorn3D

AMD's plans for today

Subject: Processors | April 23, 2009 - 01:26 PM |

It will be a long 8 month wait for the next generation of processors from AMD; not long at all for the current generation. 

AMD's plans for tomorrow

Subject: General Tech | April 23, 2009 - 01:14 PM |

A new naming scheme and a new bunch of cores will be hitting in the beginning of 2010, such as the Magny-Cours which will sport a dozen cores. You will be waiting until 2011 to see the 32nm Bulldozer core and it's 16 cores or the 32nm Valencia processors with 6-8 cores.  Drop by The Tech Report for a look at the slides AMD has been showing off.

Video Review: Digital Storm 950 Si Core i7 Gaming Rig

Subject: Systems | April 22, 2009 - 06:57 PM |

Although I am still working on the written review of the Digital Storm 950 Si system, I thought I would go ahead and release the video version.  This is the first of MANY new video projects being worked on here at PC Perspective so let me know what you think!!

Istanbul Die Shot and Info!

Subject: Processors | April 22, 2009 - 01:39 PM |

Here it is!

Istanbul had an amazingly fast development from first tapeout to final production.  Apparently no major respins or redesigns were required to get Istanbul production ready.

Source: AMD