UPDATED: SATA 6G launch delayed to do tech issues on nearly all P55 boards

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This Syren has a nice pair

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MSI, feeling discontented with only having motherboards, laptops and mice has expanded their product line up to include speakers.  The MSI SyrenSpeaker Mini
2.0 are an awfully cute 50x50x50mm box shape and weigh in at only 170g, so they are perfect for a mobile system or your desk at work.  They won't stand up to a 7.1 surround sound system, but at a 1/10th of the cost, they really are not designed to.  Check them out at Verdis Reviews.

Intel to open up fab facilities with task-specific designs

Subject: Processors | July 15, 2009 - 05:51 PM |

If what Semiaccurate is saying holds weight, this could be a very big move in the microprocessor manufacturing world.  Apparently during an analyst meeting this morning the company's Senior VP Anand Chandrasekher made a small note during a presentation that could have dramatic effects on how Intel and the silicon production markets function.

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Intel Lynnfield and P55 Launch rumored as September 8-11

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I don't know if I've ever seen a variable launch date for a processor before, but Digitimes is reporting that Intel is planning to release the much anticipated Lynnfield processors (known as BOTH Core i7 and Core i5) along with the accompanying P55 chipset in mid September. 

Desktop-based Lynnfield CPUs and P55 chipsets will be announced between September 8-11.
Source: Digitimes

Petite PC accessory

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The body of the EnerMax Aurora Micro Aluminum Keyboard is one solid piece of aluminium with matte black plastic keys with what Enermax claims to be 'Everlasting key top printing', in a compact form factor. 
This means that while it does keep the solidity of the design, anyone who finds that one-size-fits-all gloves do anything but fit are going to have troubles with the some of the tiny keys.  If you do have hands on the small

Which flavour is your netbook

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If a company wants to bring down the price of a netbook, one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to remove the Windows license from the machine and install Linux or another open source OS.  By not installing Windows you can sell a netbook for a noticeably
lower price and in some cases Linux will allow the netbook to perform better.  The question of which distro of Linux to use still remains, so Phoronix loaded up a Dell Inspiron Mini with OpenSolaris and then with Ubuntu to see which is the better OS for this application. 

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Dibs on the Marauder

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FASA has released its MechWarrior IP and one of the original creators of the PC games, Jordan Weisman has started a new company called 42 Entertainment which will be reviving the franchise as a multiplayer game.  His plan is to have a CoD4 like perpetual world with an upgradeable skill set to ensure that those who spend a lot of time in a favourite Mech will be rewarded.  There are also hints that the skills will apply to weapons as well.  You can check out the teaser video and get some

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Faster than a speeding RoadRunner

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Show a little maturity

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There is no question that DDR3-200, aka PC3-16000 DIMMs are very fast, even with the timings at higher values than slower DIMMs.  There is a question about their reliability as many review sites, such as AnandTech are seeing frequent deaths during testing.  In some cases overvolting is to blame, when the voltage heads over 1.65V to allow better overclocking performance, the chances of failure also increase.  Seeing deaths at 1.50V is another thing altogether.  AnandTech gathered together a represe

Source: AnandTech

GlobalFoundries teases with customer announcements pending

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GlobalFoundries has a couple of interesting news bits for us today as SEMICON West starts up in California this week.  First up was a call from GF to drive development on the existing 300mm wafer technology rather than hastily move to 450mm wafers as many in the industry are calling for.

Designed instability

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Drop by Madshrimps for an indepth look at Back to Back CAS Latency timings in your Core i7 motherboard.  It is a tale of strange instabilities, low clock challenges and memory behaving a bit oddly.  By the end you will have a grasp on a BIOS setting that if used properly could increase your systems speed or give you a way to increase stability at the cost of a bit of speed.  Check out another important new BIOS setting Intel's new architecture has brought us in this article.

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Sneaking a peek at an i5 motherboard

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It is really a bit of a tease, but a preview of an upcoming Gigabyte board that will power Core i5 processors is still worth looking at.  We know some of the stats, like the 24 power phases feeding the CPU, SATA 6Gbs and the mega back plate, but for now you can't see any benchmarks.  There are plenty of pretty pictures at The Tech Report to feast your eyes on.

Who you calling four eyes!

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At under $100, the NZXT Zero 2 is a rather decent bargain.  A fairly flashy front panel door in a mirror finished black, with LEDs to highlight it for those who prefer a lit case on one hand.  Four side panel 120mm fans, a pair of 120mm fans on the back panel, a top blowhole and one up in the front offer serious air movement.  It is 8" deep, so even with those side panel fans you should still be able to fit

I wasn't in my right mind

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Pick up your tinfoil hats and keep a careful eye on anyone carrying around this book, because humans are getting much better at hacking the mind.  Simple things, like the defacing of the epilepsy support websites with flashing colours to trigger epileptic fits is nothing new; a chemical that seems to be able to produce permanent memory loss in rats is not.  Neural engineers have developed wireless interfaces allowing usage of computer and wheelchairs via direct brain control, though those devices are not conduciv

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Look what just washed up

Subject: Mobile | July 13, 2009 - 06:26 PM |

ASUS has spent a large amount of time and money on their Seashell line of netbooks, of which the EeePC 1005HA-PU1X
is a great example.  Long battery life is the goal, while still making this portable device usable for the worker, gamer or entertainment
fan on the go.  An Intel Atom N280 and a single DDR2 DIMM will keep the power requirements down; but will it offer enough power to do what you need?  Find out at Legit Reviews.

You've come a long way ...

Subject: Storage | July 13, 2009 - 03:43 PM |

The Tech Report has put together a massive conglomeration of drives both SSD and platter based, run singly and in RAID to see the recent evolution of storage.  From the fastest SSDs through RAM based storage to old 5400RPM platter drives, there is a lot of numbers to go through.  Take a look at which drives excel at which tasks in addition to technology differences and RAID setups.

Not perfect. but still useful

Subject: Cases and Cooling | July 13, 2009 - 01:26 PM |

SilverStone's new Element 700W hits an 80+ Silver rating, putting it above 85% efficiency, at least at normal room temperature.  When [H]ard|OCP put it on the torture rack at 45C, the efficiency dropped below that mark.  That wasn't the only disappointment for [H], externally they were less than impressed with the cables and inside was even worse.  One lonely solid capacitor and a questionable power filtering method caused some frowns as well.

Source: [H]ard|OCP

Worthy of its name

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The MSI NGTX260 Lightning Black Edition 1792 MB DDR3 is an example of a company going all out trying to get a flagship card to the enthusiast.  Using 10 phase power with 'military' spec capacitors they pushed the card's GPU and DDR3 up by 100MHz each, once InsideHW was done with

Source: InsideHW

It's ribbons all the way down

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With the fun and easy to understand changes to the UI of the Microsoft Office Suite in the 2008 version still fresh in the minds of students and office workers everywhere, the release of Office 2010 is being looked at with a bit of trepidation.  Thanks to a bit of an early opening, you can catch screenshots and movies of the office at HEXUS.  Over at The Inquirer is a brief summary of the changes to Office and to Microsoft's business model, as

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