Two GPU companies, 2 takes on new cards

Subject: Graphics Cards | October 13, 2009 - 02:00 PM |

From AMd we have the new mid-ranged HD47xx series, the HD5780 and HD5750. 

Message in a BIOS

Subject: General Tech | October 13, 2009 - 12:27 PM |

It is very important not to lose your sense of play as you work and somehow the tech community has no problems doing so, as evidenced by the amount of easter eggs that have accompanied our hardware and software.  Software easter eggs are most often found in games, but there have been a few office applications that either have them in obvious spots or hidden away in the code.  Hack a Day wants to gather all of the best hardware hacks, messages on tracings on PCBs or inside cases, but somewhere you wouldn't notice unless you were actually working with the hardware. 

Source: Hack a Day

It's Leif Erikson Day! Please note that normal Viking activities are still frowned upon

Subject: General Tech | October 9, 2009 - 06:11 PM |

This week has been about nVIDIA, but not in the way they might want.  From the predictions of nVIDIA's complete withdrawal
from the high end market by an infamous member of the tech community to the article 

They sound better than they look

Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 9, 2009 - 03:02 PM |

If you are in the market for a set of full headphones, the Sennheiser HD 438 are worth a look at $89.  Even if you tend to move around a bit the 10' cable should keep you happy and the quality of sound impressed Digital Trends.  Unfortunately, the build quality of the headsets leaves a bit to be desired, they are fairly fragile and they are not exactly the most attractive set of can

AMD and CyberLink Acclerate Applications with DirectX11 and ATI Stream

Subject: General Tech | October 9, 2009 - 02:25 PM |

Sunnyvale, Calif. - Oct. 8, 2009 - AMD (NYSE:
AMD) and CyberLink Corp announced the
companies are expanding their existing engineering engagement with a
strategic focus on Microsoft DirectX 11 DirectCompute, taking advantage
of the capabilities of AMD's new DirectX 11-capable graphics

Source: AMD

Verbatim's second shot at the DVR

Subject: Systems | October 9, 2009 - 01:22 PM |

The Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR
is an all in one digital video recorder, with many input and output ports, including antennae.

Source: InsideHW

Some things old and some new; OCZ may have a power supply for you

Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 9, 2009 - 12:28 PM |

The new OCZ Z Series Z850Mis an 850W PSU that holds on to some of PC Power & Cooling's original specs and adds some new features as well.  The single 12V rail remains, this one delivering 850W or 71A maximum; what is new is the modular cabling and the 80+ Gold rating.  [H]ard|OCP tested this middle weight PSU and in the

Source: [H]ard|OCP

AMD tells about its horoscope

Subject: General Tech | October 9, 2009 - 12:04 PM |

Abandoning the river theme, AMD seems to be looking to the stars to see its future platforms, Dragon being replaced with Leo next year and Scorpius to follow in 2011.  Scorpius will feature a 32nm Zambezi CPU
sporting four cores at the very least, along with an integrated DDR3 controller and fit into a Revision 2 AM3 socket, just to make CPU sockets even more confusing.  SemiAccurate also touches on their plans for an Accelerated Processor Unit which brings a GPU on board. 

Source: SemiAccurate

More information on NVIDIA's chipset business

Subject: Chipsets | October 8, 2009 - 07:00 PM |

It would appear I stirred up quite the dust cloud when I wrote that NVIDIA was essentially exiting the chipset business in my recent "State of NVIDIA" editorial.  Everyone from the Wall Street Jou

$230 plus $100 for a storage drive

Subject: Storage | October 8, 2009 - 06:31 PM |

An SSD that only costs $230, on the market, as opposed to $300-ish if you can find it for sale, is a rather attractive buy, even if it is only 60GB.  OCZ has used different NAND chips to bring down the price of this drive which raised the quest

More mobile Nehalem news

Subject: General Tech | October 8, 2009 - 02:14 PM |

The Tech Report is comparing the performance of the mobile versions of the Core i7 processor.  The mobile version of the P55, along with mobile 920, 820 and 720 processors are all arriving soon.  In this case the 920XM is compared to its non-mobile cousins in their latest article.  The 17.1" Clevo's W870CU
is the laptop they are using, plugged firmly into the mains as this 9lb powerhouse is only technically mobile, not really feasibly portable. 

Rope yourself some cables

Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 8, 2009 - 12:38 PM |

Jumping into the steampunk modding craz, or simple looking for a way to make your case mod look unique?  Maybe you just need better cable management and are sick of zip ties slowly chewing through your insulation.  Whatever the reason, drop by MAKE:Blog for a tutorial in the ancient art of cable lacing.  Not only is it attractive, it works rather well.

Source: MAKE: Blog

You and me and the ECC

Subject: General Tech | October 8, 2009 - 12:22 PM |

The same discrepancies that apply to software benchmarking programs also apply to predictions of hardware failure rates based on subjecting them to extreme stress conditions.  Much like a graphics card, the only way to know how it will perform is to actually use it in real life conditions for hours, days or years.  Such is the case with DRAM errors, as proven by a study done by Google.  Instead of the current estimate based on synthetic testing, as Ars Technica puts it, '

Source: Ars Technica

MSI Big Bang Fuzion motherboard to offer THX TruStudio, EAS Advanced 5.0

Subject: Motherboards | October 8, 2009 - 02:46 AM |

You know that we at PC Perspective are very excited to get our hands on the upcoming MSI Big Bang motherboard, the first motherboard to utilize the Lucid HYDRA chip for vendor-agnostic mulit-GPU scaling.  We have been covering the technology for the past year or so and actually saw the motherboard at work at the most recent Intel Developer Forum. 

Now, you have seen this GPU before, but ...

Subject: Graphics Cards | October 7, 2009 - 06:36 PM |

You have never seen the BFG GeForce GTX 285 for less than its model number, but you have now at only $249!

Source: eTeknix

Three Core i7s to go please

Subject: Processors | October 7, 2009 - 03:32 PM |

New desktop CPUs tend to be more exciting to cover as all of the bells and whistles that come with the new architecture are included in these chips.  Worrying about heat and size are only partially important, whereas those are the most important things to consider when designing a mobile processor.  The extra bells and whistles, apart from energy saving tricks are add only if they do not have a negative impact on the TDP.  The appearance of three Core i7 mobile processors is worth looking at though, this is an incredible amount of processing power to fit into a laptop. 

Source: t-break

Sector 5 will make your P55 come alive

Subject: Memory | October 7, 2009 - 01:50 PM |

Patriot has revamped their Viper line to accommodate Lynnfield, dual channel kits like the Patriot Viper II 'Sector 5'  are popping up all over.  A speed of 2GHz @ 8-8-8-24 gives you
plenty of raw bandwidth to keep your i5/i7 system happy and while Bjorn3D could only get a 136MHz overclock out of the DIMMs, it is possible a different motherboard might squeeze a bit more performance out of this kit. 

Source: Bjorn3D

Nobody said stopping the Chinese invasion would be easy

Subject: General Tech | October 7, 2009 - 01:07 PM |

The original Operation Flashpoint was a hard game and not because of monster closets or ridiculous boss fights, it was hard because bullets kill.  One good shot could take you out or is at least guaranteed to slow you down.  There is no health metre nor any med kits lying around, you have to finish the mission with every bump, scrape and bullet hole that you accumulate over the mission.  The sequel, Dragon Rising looks to be every bit as daunting, and every bit as fun. 

Mayhap we shall see a new mobile RAM standard

Subject: General Tech | October 7, 2009 - 12:16 PM |

RAMBUS, one of the last attempts at serial volatile memory
standards didn't do well when it was first tried on the market; a long story that by the end had many glad to see RAMBUS go.  DDR and its successive generations has had success in the PC world, but that is a small share of the total memory market.  A PC can provide the cooling and power that defines DDR.  Now The Inquirer reports on the return of serial memory, this time targeted specifically towards m

Source: The Inquirer

Great value to let you game on the go

Subject: Mobile | October 6, 2009 - 06:56 PM |

The ASUS G51Vx 15" Gaming Notebook will only set you back $1000, at least with the setup that Techgage used.  Sporting a Republic of Gamers logo on the outside, the interior holds a 2GHz C2D P7350, 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-800 @ 6-6-6-18 and a GTX 260M 1GB
all work towards giving you serious mobile performance.  Battery life tops 2 hours, enough to get some good fragging in even without a plug handy.