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Here is a bit of a feel good movie from The Tech Report, who were nice enough to reach out to AMD, ASUS and several other companies to donate parts to create a brand new video editing machine for a friend of the site.  The system build is more than impressive, a ThreadRipper 1950X on a Gigabyte Designaire EX with a Vega 56 Nitro + and a host of other components.  Check out the reaction from Stephen, who has been using a Mac Pro which is now almost eight years old in their video reveal and build.

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"A good friend of mine, Stephen Georg, recently came to me with a problem. Our mutual friend Dan Settembrini is a video editor by trade, and he helps Stephen create videos for his YouTube channels. Problem is, Dan's editing rig is a mid-2010 Mac Pro. We surprised Dan with a new video-editing PC for the ages with a little help from TR's friends."

Here are some more Systems articles from around the web:


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March 29, 2018 | 03:22 PM - Posted by EpycFustigatesTRwithTwiceTo4TimesTheMemChanTwiceThePCIeLanes (not verified)

Any "Ultimate" video editing machine as techreport states in their articles title reaks of AMD's consumer CPU/Partner MB divisions' partner perks and the selling of TR/X399! And AMD's Professional Epyc Team needs to put out some competition of their own with some Epyc/SP3 via that Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0) single socket Epyc Motherboard samples for testing.

AMD's Epyc folks need to get a Workstation Branded part and that Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0), that even though it's labeled Server, is actually a great Workstation Epyc/SP3 single socket MB with 5 PCIe 3.0 16x slots with 4 of those x16 slots being PCIe x16 electrical and one of that 5 being PCIe x8 electrical.

The GIGABYTE X399 Designare EX (rev. 1.0) sTR4 costs $371.54 at Newegg while the GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0) costs $649.99 at Newegg. But the GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 Epyc SP3 MB offers 8 memory Channels and 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes. So The Gigabyte Epyc/Sp3 single socket motherboard has twice the memory channels and twice the PCIe lanes as the TR/X399 Designare EX. The Gigabyte Epyc/SP3 MB also offers dual 10Gb ethernet and 1Gb ethernet on Motherboard connectivity, and also a dedicated remote management processor.

Folks do not let these enthusiast websites try and sell you on any TR workstation benefits unless you want to game also. Because for real workstation SKUs like that Gigibyte Epyc/SP3 MB comes out costing less on a MB's-Cost/Memory channel basis and MB's-Cost/#PCIe-Lanes basis with it actually costing less per memory channel and less per PCIe lane to get the GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 Epyc/SP3 MB and use the Epyc 7401P CPU SKU at 24 cores/48 threads. And the Epyc 7410P's cost per core must be looked at also.

AMD's Epyc/SP3 options are so much more affordable relative to Intel's pricy Kit. And AMD's Epyc/SP3 MBs/CPUs are so affordable that even AMD's consumer Threadripper/X399 systems can be more expensive on a cost/feature basis compared to Epyc/SP3 owing to that fact that the Epyc CPUs/SP3 MBs offer twice that memory channels and PCIe lanes. Then there is the question of Epyc/SP3 MBs being Tested/Vetted and Certified to work with ECC memory and that that ECC memory support is actually guaranteed and warrentied by the Epyc/SP3 motherboards maker, not so for any TR/X399 MB.

If you are doing any serious video editing work then do not let anyone try a steer you towards Threadripper/x399 as an "Ultimate" video editing system as that's just the partner perks speaking for most enthusiast websites when they are trying to sell you on TR and not taking the time to look at Epyc/SP3.

AMD for sure does not allow their TR SKUs to be directly compared to Epyc SKUs, just go over to Phoronix and read some of the Blogs where Epyc SKUs have been tested, folks have asked and been directy told that comparing TR to Epyc is not allowed. So you will have to go and read some of the Epyc reviews on the Server/Workstation Related websites that are more geared towords Workstation/Server testing and not Gaming oriented testing.

Epyc CPU SKUs are very good at video encoding tasks and having Double(8 memory Channels) to Quad(Dual Socket Epyc MB at 16 memory channels) numbers of memory channels and raw effective memory bandwidth from thoes Epyc/SP3 8 or 16 memory channels and CPUs that can make short work on any video related tasks.

"MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0)"

March 29, 2018 | 08:51 PM - Posted by AnonymousGT710 (not verified)

Nobody is going to bother to read your wall of text/delusional rant.
Go home moron.

March 29, 2018 | 10:40 PM - Posted by Lance L. Landon (not verified)

I read it!

March 30, 2018 | 11:15 AM - Posted by EpycScaresTRipperBackUnderTRsRockThatItCrawledOutFromUnder (not verified)

You must be from AMD's consumer CPU department, stop with the marketing of Threadripper as a real workstation class line of SKUs. Epyc is the real deal and an even better deal on a price/feature basis compared to TR.

This is not Intel where Intel's overpriced Server/Workstation SKUs are so out of reach price wise. Epyc is the better feature/$ deal than any Intel or Threadripper platform SKUs and Lisa Su needs to crack doen on its consumer CPU division and tell them to stop their foolishness ASAP!

Epyc/SP3 MB's are the only AMD MB's that are tested/vetted and certified to work with ECC mamory and are guaranteed to do so in the MB's warrenty. Try and find that ECC warrenty support on any Threadripper MB SKU!

Epyc/SP3 offers twice the memory channels on its single socket MBs' and 4 times the Memory Channels on any Dual(2P) Epyc/SP3 MB SKUs. Both the 1P and 2P Epyc MB's offer 128 PCIe lanes and loads of other features(See That Gigabyte Single Socket(1P) Epyc/SP3 MB's features) and that blows any TR/X399 platform out of the water and into interstellar space!

March 30, 2018 | 09:51 AM - Posted by Lounny1

As per above " that even though it's labeled Server, is actually a great Workstation Epyc/SP3 single socket MB" does this mean it will run Windows10 ? In the spec it doesn't mention Windows10.


March 31, 2018 | 12:23 PM - Posted by ThatBeDaBetterDealForRealWorkstationUsage (not verified)

Ask Gigabyte, but it's very likely that the Gigabyte Epyc/SP3 single socket MB supports Windows also.
I'm pretty sure that the reason that Gigabyte only mentions Linux is because Linux Kernel based OS builds are what the majority of the server installations use, but Windows can be installed also for workstation usage most likely.

It's very confusing as to whay AMD's Commerical Server/Workstation folks do not have a Workstation Branding as that Gogabyte MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0) Motherboard is the very dictionary definition of a great Workststion MB with all those PCIe 3.0 x16/x16 electrical slots(4), one x16/x8 electrical slot, and 2 PCIe 3.0 x8/x8 electrical slots.

This is a motherboard that needs to be reviewed with at least an Epyc 7401P 24 core/48 thread SKU and plenty of video encoding testing.

Less than 2 grand for a Server/Workstation 24 core/48 thread CPU/MB combo is a great deal with the MSRP of the Epyc 7401P at $1075 and the GB MB costing in the $650 dollar range. Then look at the 8 memory channels and 128 PCIe lanes and dual 10Gb ethernet and single 1Gb ethernet connectivity and the other server remote management ports/dedicated management processor that's included on that GB MB.

Then there is the In the MB's warranty certified/vetted support for ECC memory and the MB has 16 DIMM slots that can be populated with more of the lower capacity ECC memory DIMMs and still give 64 GB of available memory for workstation workloads. ECC memory is costly(All DRAM is costly currently) but being able to populate 16 memory slots with the much more affordable lower capacity DIMMs can save hundreds of dollars currently.

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