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Subject: Systems | February 16, 2007 - 02:48 PM |

X-Gene has created an HTPC case that gives you a little more room to move when creating your perfect system.  Virtual-Hideout has posted a review of the Mini, a box shaped HTPC system that is still small enough to fit in a livingroom without standing out, but bigger than most HTPC systems.  It still uses a mATX board, but gives you 295x235x350mm (roughly 11x9x13inches).  Read on to find out what other features are incorporated in this case.

'This must be the year of the HTPC or Small Form Factor case. Company after company are producing these smaller enclosures to

fill the niche and doing so under the $100 price tag. Well, X-Gene offers two styles of HTPC enclosures. One is a mid-size unit,

while the other is a Mini HTPC enclosure. The Mini HTPC is the unit up for review. The key to a low cost Home Theater PC is

using low cost materials while still providing a nice looking enclosure. Will the X-Gene Mini HTPC look like a budget enclosure,

or will it stand up next to its more expensive siblings? The only way to find out is to get on with the review.'

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