A PSU built for extreme gamers

Subject: Systems | March 28, 2006 - 03:13 PM |

The XG Duro 900W Power Supply comes with 4 +12V rails, perfect for trying to get a pair of dual core graphics cards up and running as fast as they can go.  3dGameMan provides their usual comprehensive review, and proves that this is a well thought out PSU, and not just another pretty phase.

'The XG Duro 900W Power Supply with Quad +12V rails is obviously going to turn heads. No matter

how you swing it, 900 watts is a lot of power. Some may say it's way too much power and not

necessary. This is probably true for your average computer user. MGE is not targeting the average

mom and pop computer user with this product though. Rather, it's is geared towards the hardcore

computer gamer…'

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    Source: 3dGameMan