King of the PSU Hill

Subject: Systems | March 2, 2006 - 01:32 PM |

All the usual suspects were rounded up by X-bit labs, and recieved electric shocks until they cried uncle.  Drop by and see which power supply survived with the best marks.

"We are going to introduce to you 9 power supply units in our detailed roundup today. We will

discuss in great detail the solutions from Enermax, FSP Group, MGE, SilverStone, SinTek, Zalman

and Foxconn. These models are all very powerful ones with over 400W capacity that are available in

retail stores. Find out who the winner is now!"

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550 Watt Power Supply @ Pro-Clockers

  • Ultra X2 550W Titanium
  • Modular Power Supply @ ExtremeMHz

  • HREF=""

    TARGET="_blank">Thermaltake ToughPower 550w power supply @ A1 Electronics

  • TARGET="_blank">Ultra X-Finity 500W Power Supply w/ FlexForce Cables Review #654 @ 3dGameMan

  • TARGET="_blank">Hiper Type-R 480W Power Supply @ Extreme OVerclocking

  • AeroCool Zerodba
  • 620 Watt Power Supply @

    Source: X-Bit Labs