ioSafe Launches 5-Bay Xeon-Based 'Server 5' Fireproof NAS

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ioSafe, makers of excellent fireproof external storage devices and NAS units, has introduced what they call the 'Server 5':

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The Server 5 is a completely different twist for an ioSafe NAS. While previous units have essentially been a fireproof drive cage surrounding Synology NAS hardware, the Server 5 is a full blown Xeon D-1520 or D-1521 quad core HT, 16GB of DDR4, an Areca ARC-1225-8i hardware RAID controller (though only 5 ports are connected to the fireproof drive cage). ioSafe supports the Server 5 with Windows Server 2012 R2 or you can throw your preferred flavor of Linux on there. The 8-thread CPU and 16GB of RAM mean that you can have plenty of other services running straight off of this unit. It's not a particularly speedy CPU, but keep in mind that the Areca RAID card offloads all parity calculations from the host.

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Overall the Server 5 looks nearly identical to the ioSafe 1515+, but with an extra inch or two of height added to the bottom to accommodate the upgraded hardware. The Server 5 should prove to be a good way to keep local enterprise / business data protected and available immediately after a disaster. While only the hard drives will be protected in a fire, they can be popped out of the charred housing and shifted to a backup Server 5 or just migrated to another Areca-driven NAS system. For those wondering what a typical post-fire ioSafe looks like, here ya go:

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Note how clean the cage and drives are (and yes, they all still work)!

Press blast appears after the break.

ioSafe Enhances Product Family with the Release of Server 5: The Only Onsite Solution to Deliver Instant RPO=Zero Physical Protection for Critical Data Realtime Disaster Protection: Instant Disaster Recovery
AUBURN, Calif., February 28, 2017 — ioSafe, a leading provider of data storage and business continuity solutions, today announced the release of the ioSafe Server 5: the industry’s first fireand waterproof server designed to eliminate data loss and minimize downtime by protecting data in realtime and delivering instant disaster recovery with true zero recovery point and the best recovery time objectives for terabytes of data.
ioSafe Server 5 is the only server on the market to physically protect data against natural disasters in real-time, irrespective of internet connection status. Both fire- and waterproof, Server 5 protects data from fire up to 1550°F for 30 minutes per ASTM E-119 and from floods up to a 10- foot depth for 3 days.
Designed to run either Windows Server 2012 or Linux and equipped with an Intel Xeon processor, 16 - 128GB of DDR4 RAM, dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters for increased bandwidth and automatic failover and capacities between 5 - 40TB, Server 5 is able to handle demanding office workloads while providing instantaneous protection for data.
VMware®, Citrix® and Microsoft® Hyper-V® Ready, Server 5 can be easily deployed, irrespective of infrastructure. Server 5 is cloud-ready and replicate data either to the ioSafe Cloud or a third-party service or be backed up to a secondary location or device, including the ioSafe 515 BDR appliance.
“Server 5 was designed to help organizations faced with increasing demands and limited resources to better protect their data and can be used to build a complete disaster recovery and business continuity solution that ensures data is one-hundred percent protected and can be restored anywhere, anytime with or without an internet connection,” said Robb Moore, ioSafe CEO. “It’s truly zero RPO for the SME office without expensive twin synchronous data centers.
For organizations running on-premises accounting systems or Windows or Linux servers, this is a capability that previously only available to the biggest of companies.”
For more information about ioSafe Server 5, please visit
Source: ioSafe

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March 9, 2017 | 02:22 AM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

>AMD already shown what Naples can do
>Buying a Xeon after that
>Ever again
Nice try, but no cigar.

March 9, 2017 | 09:43 AM - Posted by Jann5s


March 9, 2017 | 01:20 PM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

You are a fly, indeed.

March 9, 2017 | 09:46 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)


March 9, 2017 | 05:23 PM - Posted by Leif Watkins (not verified)

System Memory

Memory Capacity
4x DDR4 DIMM sockets
Supports up to 128GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM
Supports up to 64GB DDR4 ECC/non-ECC UDIMM

March 13, 2017 | 05:58 AM - Posted by rukur

Is it just me or do you want to build a system in the burnt case :)

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