Western Digital Releases 2TB Thunderbolt-connected My Book VelociRaptor Duo

Subject: Storage | August 30, 2012 - 10:49 PM |
Tagged: western digital, WD, VelociRaptor, my book, duo

We took a look at the 1TB VelociRaptor back in April. Well now Western Digital went and stuck a pair of them into an oversized My Book chassis, connected it via Thunderbolt, and voala:

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This is a nice little external storage device that can be configured as a RAID 0 or 1. My Book Duos can even be daisychained to support RAID 10! Daisychaining allows up to four My Book Duos to be connected simultaneously. The price is a bit steep, but seems to be in-line with other Thunderbolt enabled products. More to follow once we get a sample in for review!

August 31, 2012 | 12:00 PM - Posted by elec999 (not verified)

I dont understand why the thunderbolt interface is so expensive?

August 31, 2012 | 02:13 PM - Posted by MrKing (not verified)

I don't think it's Thunderbolt that's pushing the price up. These things have their own internal RAID solution built into each box, and it has to be capable of expanding out to accomadte an 8 drive bookable array. Aside from the expensive Raptor drives it's got to have a decent hardware and software solution too.

August 31, 2012 | 02:31 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Nice if you have a computer with thunderbolt, but I am still waiting for a drive I can plug directly into a Gigabit ethernet port (without a router) for my laptop with USB 2.0 ports only. It would be faster than USB 2.0 and there are millions of USB 2.0 only laptop owners that would snap one up in a heartbeat.

September 1, 2012 | 02:14 AM - Posted by Tim Verry

You can buy NAS enclosures that connect via GigE but it's going to be limited by hard drive speed and the processing power and NIC of the box. Will still probably be faster than USB 2.0 though. I feel your pain, I don't have any Thunderbolt ports (not even USB 3.0 here ;) )... backing up to my USB externatl drive is painfully slow!

The one drive I know has GigE is that Drobo drive with NAS adapter. The problem is that it's really slow though :(. I'm sure there are others :)

September 1, 2012 | 08:46 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have two laptops both with gigabit ethernet one has a usb 3.0 port. I just connect them both with a ethernet cable and backup to the network drive on the home group of the laptop with the usb 3.0 port. I have a seagete goflex connected to the laptop's faster usb 3.0 port. Funny thing, my system image backups from the computer without any usb 3.0 ports are faster over the gigabit ethernet and then through the other laptops usb 3.0 port, than the system image backups on the laptop to its own usb 3.0 port. I guess this has something to do with the amount of cpu overhead that usb places on computing systems, or it could be the usb drivers on the laptop with the usb 3.0 port? I would love to see a laptop with a 10 gigabit etehrnet card, but I guess I'll have to wait a while.

May 6, 2014 | 04:42 AM - Posted by shruti (not verified)

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