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The Vantec SATA EZ-Swap MRK-200ST-BK takes advantage of one of the SATA-II specs, that the drives must be hot-swapable, much like a USB or SCSI device.   It also incorporates some cooling into the casing, which makes the enclosure bigger than a CD-ROM drive, so don't just blindly shove it into a system the first time you use it, double check there's enough space.  Head to PC Stats to get a better idea of it's full capabilities.

"The Vantec EZ-Swap MRK200-ST-BK only comes in black, and it supports the Serial ATA I standard

although Serial ATA II drives will function just fine in it at reduced maximum peak thoughput. The

HDD caddy is made of aluminum which should help keep high speed drives a littler cooler than

plastic would. There is also a small 40mm fan at the back of the unit which pulls a little air

through the unit. On the front of the HDD caddy is blue-illuminated LCD that displays the ambient

temperature and has a few simple temperature related alarm controls."

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  • Source: PCStats

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