Super Talent Launches Trio of New USB Drives

Subject: Storage | August 2, 2006 - 09:17 PM |

San Jose, California — August 2, 2006 -- Super Talent
, a leading manufacturer of memory modules and flash products, today
announced three new styles of USB flash drives. All three new series of USB
drives support hi-speed USB 2.0, and employ the latest dual channel controllers
for optimum performance. All three models also include an activity LED.

The SuperSlim SB series, with a hard plastic outer casing, is a
modified version of Super Talent's two-year-old SuperSlim SA. Unlike the SA
series, SB uses a dual channel controller that supports higher data transfer
rates. The SB series is available in capacities up to 4GB, which is astounding
considering its minute size, 41.7mm x 17.3m x 7.2mm, making it among the
smallest 4GB USB drives available. Super Talent uses a proprietary,
patent-pending plastic/metal bonding process to assemble this product. The SB
series is available in blue/black, white/black, and solid black color choices.

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