SandForce finally patches elusive 2200 series SSD controller bug. OCZ issues firmware, others soon to follow.

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Over the past few months, we had noted a seemingly disproportionate surge of negative reports from users of SandForce-2200 based SSD's. These include OCZ's Vertex and Agility 3, Corsair's Force 3 and GT, Patriot's Pyro and Wildfire, along with many others. The complete list is available in our handy SSD Decoder.

The issue at hand was random BSOD's, with the possibility of an eventual complete failure of the SSD, rendering it unrecognizeable to the BIOS or Operating System. More details (and the fix) after the break:

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I witnessed this personally, as the SF-2281 pictured above suffered the same fate when we attempted to use it a few weeks ago.

Today (hopefully) marks the answer to everyone's prayers. SandForce issued base firmware 3.3.2 for SF-2000 series controllers.

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OCZ's Toolbox software V 2.40.02 can patch OCZ's line of SF-2200 SSD's with the new fix.

The release notes follow (and seem to lack mention of the aforementioned bugfix):

OCZ Toolbox version 2.40.02
- Modified Identity data display
- Fixed Smart data display for power fail backup attributes
- Added BIOS update for Hybrid drive

Known Issues:
- Update Firmware feature prohibited for primary drives with 1500 & 2000 controllers
- Intel RST Driver prohibits SSD detection

OCZ's press tidbit for the new firmware(s):

OCZ is pleased to announce that the cause of a BSOD issue experienced by some SF-2000-based drive owners has been identified by OCZ and SandForce. A new firmware update which directly addresses this BSOD occurrence related to SF-2000 based SSDs is available here. All newly manufactured OCZ SF-2000 based SSDs will feature the new 2.15 firmware revision (which is based on SandForce firmware version 3.3.2.) We highly recommend that any customers that have experienced the BSOD issue update their firmware to 2.15.
We sincerely appreciate the support from our customers, and if any customers have any questions or require additional support please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns.

If you own any of the affected SSD's, I highly recommend updating as soon as possible. Until then, I also recommend you back up any data present on these drives, as the above statements confirm the presence of an issue that can potentially brick your SandForce SSD at any moment.

Remember, patch only applies to the 2200 Series controller (i.e. SandForce SSD's capable of SATA 6Gb/sec).

October 18, 2011 | 02:50 AM - Posted by elgrandeburro

This is definitely good news. Been checking on firmware progress since August when I bought my Vertex 3. Hoping v2.15 resolves these issues.

October 18, 2011 | 10:13 AM - Posted by Mark (not verified)

Nice, I got a m4 just to avoid that, glad they resolved it, give it a week and we'll see how it affects some new bug will pop up :-P....go m4 go....

October 18, 2011 | 11:51 AM - Posted by Taomyn (not verified)

How about a fix for the Vertex 2 SSDs that have been just as problematic if not worse?!

October 19, 2011 | 03:13 AM - Posted by elgrandeburro

Reading the OCZ forums last night, it was stated that:
* Quote: "This firmware does not necessarily fix EVERY cause of BSOD. This fixes a BSOD case that SandForce was able to replicate in their lab. Is it THE issue that caused every BSOD for EVERY customer with the issue? Time will tell."
* Source:

Version 2.13 increased my Vertex 3's uptime, and hopefully v2.15 will continue the improvements.

October 18, 2011 | 10:09 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Eric Ryder from OCZ a big shout out to him
I am sorry i haD TO BUST YOUR CHOPS

December 27, 2011 | 04:51 AM - Posted by itaniumsky (not verified)

SF-2281 firmware 3.3.4 seems to be out for the EDGE SSD. How about other brands??
Check this out

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