It's expensive but impressive, Acer's new Aspire S5 Ultrabook

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The Acer Aspire S5 is a 13.3", 1366x768 ultrabook with a Intel Core i7-3317U, 4GB of DDR3 and two 128GB SSDs in RAID 0.  At its thickest point it measures 0.59" and overall is a blazing fast ultraportable system, in fact TechSpot saw some results where the S5 outperformed a system with OCZ's RevoDrive X3 PCIe SSD inside. Connectivity options are very impressive as well with not only the usual suspects,USB 3.0 and HDMI, there is also a Thunderbolt port on the back.  The news is not all good however, as this ultrabook is likely to cost around $1400 which is much higher than the supposed sub-$1000 ultrabook price requirement.

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"'Easier said than done' is the best phrase I can think of to describe Intel's ultrabook initiative. On paper, the plan seemed easy enough, although manufacturing partners and knowledgeable consumers alike would testify that it's been anything but. Aspirations to compete with Apple's ultrathin MacBook Air have been met with a number of compromises as hardware makers struggle to find the perfect blend of features while keeping the overall price somewhere around Intel's $1,000 target.

Could a few hundred bucks tacked on the top end make a difference between a vanilla ultrabook and something truly special? That's something Acer is willing to gamble on with its latest flagship ultrabook. "

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Source: TechSpot

October 7, 2012 | 06:12 PM - Posted by eastbayrae

That screen is crap.

October 7, 2012 | 08:04 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Thunderbolt port on the back. WOW! a Windows laptop with a thunderbolt port! Now, If they could just forget about the ultrathin and light, and get Thunderbolt ports into normal lapots, at a normal laptop price, then laptop sales would not be in the crap bowl! I am sure, if I wanted thin and light eye candy, I would just go buy an Apple, but I would be very happy with a not so Ultra, more powerful thunderbolt port equipped laptop! Intel should have saved the ultrabook stuff until after Haswell came out, instead of trying to compete wtih Apple and causing the OEM's to loose their A$$es. Now that the ultrabook craze has failed to materalize, Intel should be focusing on the expansion box craze that is about to begin, once Intel can get off their uninspired tuckuses and get thunderbolt ports in as many laptops a possable!

October 7, 2012 | 08:29 PM - Posted by @john_blanton (not verified)

Jeremy, the only mobile cpu Intel has that's named 3317U anything is an i5 not an i7.

October 8, 2012 | 07:46 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

So the screen-res is a little low, and the price is a little high - it's NOT slathered in stickers!

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