Intel's Robson aims to speed up harddrives

Subject: Storage | March 13, 2006 - 02:51 PM |

Extremetech is sharing some info they have gathered about Intel's upcoming chipset add-on, Robson.  It will be a flash based "intelligent" prefetcher, and will attempt to store some of the required data between the HDD and the CPU, in an attempt to reduce latency.

"Intel proposes that the flash memory cache should be located on the motherboard. It's unclear

whether it should be permanently installed or could be another type of memory socket. A Robson

nonvolatile cache would require a driver to be loaded, however. The Robson cache connects to the

I/O controller via PCI Express. Part of the technology is an intelligent prefetcher. The

prefetcher anticipates which disk blocks will be needed from the hard drive and stores them in NV

memory ahead of time. This data can persist even across boots. When requested by the operating

system, the data is accessed using the low latency of solid state memory rather than the much

higher-latency hard drive."

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