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Subject: Storage | September 27, 2007 - 05:16 PM |

SATA 2 makes your devices hot swappable, but seeing as how it is more likely that your SATA 2 drive is an internal HDD or optical storage drive, it isn't really very easy to open the case up to swap the drives around, even if your case offers tool-less mounting.  Vantec has been quick to take advantage of this, with their EZ Swap EX.  It is essentially a 5.25" adapter that fits into an empty bay in your case and a 3.5" cover into which your drive goes.  Easy as pie to hot swap your SATA drives now, although Driver Heaven did have some initial troubles.

"Vantec Thermal Technologies has been in business since 1994. Since that time, the company has expanded beyond just

the initial thermal solutions and now provides a wide variety of components and devices for the PC enthusiast.

Among the many products manufactured and distributed by Vantec are Storage Devices, Cooling Solutions for CPUs,

Case, Memory, HDD and others; various Peripheral components; Cables of various kinds; Power Supply Units; PC Mod

Kits; and Notebook Accessories and Supplies. A quick look at the distribution of Vantec products shows that the

company’s reach is truly worldwide."

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