Corsair Unveils Two New 90GB SATA 6Gb/s SSDs, A World's First

Subject: Storage | August 19, 2011 - 02:35 AM |
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Corsair recently added two new solid state drives to its SSD lineup. The new drives weight in at 90 GB, and make an interesting choice for those that need a bit more space than Corsair’s 60 GB drives provide but not enough to justify a higher priced 120 GB drive. Of the two drives, one will be labeled a Force Series 3 drive, and the other will be a Force Series GT SSD. Tweaktown quoted Corsair in stating:

“We're happy to add the world's first 90GB SSD to our product lineup. With 50% more storage capacity than our 60GB models and at pricing significantly lower than our 120GB models, they help make the Force Series 3 and Force Series GT among the most robust and flexible SSD lines on the market.”

The new 2.5” drives are powered by Sandforce 2281 controllers, and the SATA 3 (6Gb/s) interface. Using the benchmarking utility IOMeter 08, Corsair measured the IOPS (input/output operations per second) of the two drives to be 85,000. The Force Series 3 90GB SSD uses asynchronous NAND, and is capable of sequential read and write speeds of 550MB/s and 500MB/s respectively. On the other hand, the Force Series GT 90GB SSD uses ONFI synchronous flash, and features a slight performance edge with sequential reads of 555MB/s and sequential writes of 505MB/s.

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The 90GB SSDs supports SMART monitoring, the TRIM command, and have a MTBF (mean time before failure) of 2 million hours. Further, the drives carry a three year warranty. The drives are available now from authorized retailers with an MSRP of $159 for the Force Series 3 drive and $199 for the Force Series GT SSD.



Source: Tweaktown

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August 19, 2011 | 03:58 AM - Posted by Freshie

Already 1st of all could you fix the type-o on line two "The tow new drives" should be "The two new drives" ( sorry that just really bugged me the whole time I was reading this)

2ndly, I love my two SSD drives. I've got 120 drives new 2 different computers but finding that it's not even enough. I've really got to watch what I put on my SSDs or else they get to close to being full. I've got other hard drive that are spinning disk drives that big amounts of space that all of my content on. I could never see how a person could be able to use the lower amount of space drives. I could see use the 90gb one though.

If this helps more people by SSDs and make the price go down per gig that would be great.

August 19, 2011 | 05:54 AM - Posted by Tim Verry

heh, yeah that'll teach me for using a different writing program, fixed that line.

Yeah, I get where you're coming from, I have one of the 80GB Intel X-25M drives, and it's becoming a chore to manage the amount of data on it!

August 19, 2011 | 03:16 PM - Posted by JSL

I use 2 120gb Mushkin Chronos ssd's in raid 0 (previously dual 60GB Corsair Force drives, which now sit in my server), but I've changed the user library paths & certain environment variables to a raided 600gb Raptors, so all personal junk & temp user junk is NOT on the ssd's, even internet cache, and windows temp files are directed to the raided raptors. Thats how you can use the "lower space drives" successfully and without any issues of "lack of space", not to mention, disabling hibernation (powercfg -h off), and not having any pagefile (since they're not needed when you have ssd's), and several other small optimizations.

just saying ^_^

January 25, 2012 | 03:55 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Freshie, could you fix the type-o "...people by SSD's." It should read "buy." (Sorry, that just really bugged me the whole time I was reading your criticism.)

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