CES 2011: Storage tidbits from CES: Unveiled event

Subject: Storage | January 5, 2011 - 03:06 AM |

I did a quick run around the CES Unveiled event tonight. Here's some storage tidbits:
A WiFi b/g/n enabled NAS, available in 1 or 2 TB. Gigabit link is included for those wanting faster speeds.
A 5-bay Gigabit Ethernet NAS, primarily intended for use with Windows Home Server, but most likely compatible with other platforms.

An interesting new dock design. This open standard includes a physical spec for a 2.5" style external enclosure with SATA power and data connectors exposed. If adopted, this would increase flexibility of docks and external SSD/HDD's.

A simple SATA to USB adapter - the smallest I've seen in fact.
Here is an example of how the Seagate dock system would work if incorporated into a PC case.
Contrary to what's printed, this is actually the 470 series (just like the one we reviewed a few weeks back). The retail drives have the silver+orange housing, while their OEM line (same controller) is housed in the simple black housing pictured above. Aside from the different housing, the OEM line includes a 512GB model - the largest we've seen in a 2.5" SSD to date. Too bad it's not available in a retail package.
The new EcoGreen F4 line - Samsung following the 'Green' movement by reducing RPM and increasing platter density to make up for the drop in sequential transfer rate difference.
More to follow tomorrow - the CES Digital Experience event is usually packed with more storage vendors.