CES 2011: New OCZ products make their debut

Subject: Storage | January 8, 2011 - 12:00 AM |

We got to meet up with OCZ for a first hand look at some of their new products:

First up is the Z-Drive R3. This drive contains the enterprise SandForce variant, complete with supercap.

Stacked PCB's enable the use of 4 SandForce controllers, each driving a bank of flash.
There will also be a full height version which enables more channels of flash to each controller, boosting IOPS even further.

Displays are all good and nice - we want to see one up and running! Wish granted:

This was the quickest bench we could run within the time alloted. Here we see decent scaling of quad SSD controllers, as well as throughput pushing past 1GB/sec.
There were some other lesser known products also on display. Here are a few worth mentioning:

I didn't know Vertex 2 was available in a 1.8" form factor, but they've been shipping at this size for a while now.

Along with the smaller size, Vertex 2 is also available in a 3.5" unit, with larger capacities to boot (480GB).

Shifting to the future demos, here is an example of HSDL over fiber. This should push 20Gb/sec.

Here is the huge version of the IBIS. 4 x 1TB boards makes for an SSD that dwarfs the capacity of even the largest available spinning discs!

The Helios series. These are enterprise grade SAS II (6Gb/sec) devices, available in capacities of up to 800GB on MLC, and an unheard of 400GB using SLC flash!

You likely haven't heard of the Deneva line. They are simply the OEM brand of the Vertex 2 and Vertex 3.
Oops, did I just say Vertex 3? Oh yeah, almost forgot :) :

Here's the EX line. The Vertex 3 EX pushes an advertised 80K IOPS. This is using the new version of SandForce, capable of over 500MB/sec over a SATA 6Gb/sec.

And finally, here is the enthusiast grade Vertex 3 Pro. Fortunately for us it was connected to a Sandy Bridge motherboard and up and running on a testbed. Here's what you've been waiting to see:

ATTO uses a lower queue depth so we won't see full 4K IOPS, but from the looks of this, it's easily pushing over 50K IOPS at 4K, as well as blowing right past 500MB/sec on the more sequential reads and writes. Remember folks, this is performance from a SINGLE DRIVE. We can expect the numbers to go up a tad before production, as this was pre-production firmware. Drives are expected towards the end of Q1.

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