The need for speed and the trouble with DDR2

Subject: Shows and Expos | September 29, 2006 - 11:54 AM |

One thing that The Inquirer took away from IDF was a discussion with Corsair about the difficulty of making high speed DDR2 DIMMs.  It turns out that the reason most DDR2 for sale is 667MHz is because it is really hard to make DIMMs that run properly at 800MHz, not to mention the Domiantor series coming out at 1111MHz. 

"Right now, there just over 100 or so Dominator modules available world-wide, which only speaks of how difficult, is to build a premium

memory. For the best memory-clocked scores, Corsair recommends AMD's Socket AM2 platform just as GeIL and OCZ do. Intel's platform still

awaits the magical chipset (memory controller, that is) which will propel Conroes into the stratosphere of system bandwidth."

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Source: The Inquirer