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Subject: Shows and Expos | January 7, 2009 - 11:43 AM |

CES 2009 is in full swing, but instead of heading to the tech displays, the first thing Legit Reviews did was try out the massage chairs.  Luckily, someone managed to pry them out of the chair and forced them to take some pictures.  Corsair is showing off 64GB thumb drives and some really impressive triple channel kits.  They played with the Novint Falcon , and recorded it so you can get an idea how exactly the new controller works.  AMD and LogiTech also had some interesting booths set up, so head over and see the pictures yourself.

"Walking through the venue we spotted CNN's Eric Lanford the host of "News To Me" on HLN. He joined CNN in 2007 and his

show is the first cable news program comprised entirely of user-generated video. Eric Lanford looked to be enjoying the

Inada Sogno massage chair. This massage chair is supposed to send massage therapists running for the hills as it has

customized massage sessions for 106 body types and offers 1,200 square inches of massage coverage. The chair is the 'real'

deal and looking from the expression seen above we'd have to say it's almost orgasmic..."

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