OCZ, PC Power and Cooling showcase at CES 2008

Subject: Shows and Expos | January 11, 2008 - 04:17 PM |

CES 2008 might officially be over as of today, but we are still catching up on reporting about everything we saw at the show.  OCZ and the newly acquired PC Power and Cooling companies had plenty of new and interesting things on display.

Here is one of two new 32GB flash drives that was on display - yes, 32GB in your pocket and all the associated jokes. 

Perhaps more surprising is OCZ's entry into the solid state drive medium by offering both 32GB and 64GB discs.  These have SATA data connections and performance is going to be great with reads as high as 120 MB/s and writes as high as 100 MB/s! 

An updated version of the water cooled memory modules, which we reviewed last year, was shown that actually has water channels going over the memory chips themselves.  This means the water cooling is no longer just cooling the memory heatsink and should provide for some great overclocking configurations.

Speaking of water cooling, OCZ was also showing the new HydroFlow CPU waterblock which we hope to be testing soon. 

There are lots of new power supplies being shown, the first of which is a new OCZ-branded 1000 watt unit called the EliteXStream.  This is a single rail power supply that will be cost effective compared to other 1 kw units but also is the first result of the PC Power and Cooling / OCZ merger.  It should make for an interesting test subject. 

The PC Power and Cooling Silencer 500 watt PSU marks the first high performance PSU from PC Power under $100.  The company stated that the power supply will hopefully become the new benchmark 500 watt PSU that all other low-cost offerings will be compared to.

The new Turbo-Cool 860 watt model, available now, in a standard sized form factor, to become what I think will be the most popular PCP&C power supply yet.  Able to push 3-Way SLI setups, still fit into all cases and provide the quality we have come to expect from the company, it could be the best price/performance power supply for gamers yet.

Finally, this beast is the modified 1200 watt Turbo-Cool model with NVIDIA ESA support - notice the green PCB attached to the bottom most portion of the PSU heatsink.  The team on-hand said that developing for the ESA standard and getting it all to function correctly was a challenge and something that they don't see most other companies doing.  It all depends on ESA's success I guess.

OCZ never seems to disappoint at shows like this - they always have new and innovative products on hand and CES was no exception.  It looks like it could be another great for them.

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