EVGA shows innovative display, video and motherboard

Subject: Shows and Expos | January 8, 2008 - 10:30 PM |

After stopping by the EVGA booth today, I came away very impressed with how the company is choosing to innovate rather than duplicate. 

Even though EVGA wouldn't let us take pictures of the device, we did get a pamphlet to take pictures of.  This is a new EVGA UV Plus+ device that allows you to run multiple monitors via a USB cable.  The USB cable plugs into these this small, 4" or so sized device that has a DVI port on it that then plugs into a monitor.  There is logic in the device that takes a compressed images sent over USB and uncompresses it for display on the monitor, thus offering more displays on devices like notebooks and even desktops.  The white model is the UV-1280 that supports a 1280x1024 resolution while the UV-1680 model, in black, supports a wide screen 16:9 resolution of 1680x1050.  Both are fully WHQL compliant and VESA compliant and use 32-bit color depth.  You could use these devices to have MANY displays a desktop or mobile computer that only has a single DVI output.

Another completely new product is the EVGA InterView.  What is essentially two 17" monitors attached at the hip, this unique display features a total resolution of 2880x900 on two displays, a 500:1 contrast ratio and an 8ms response time.  The central pillar allows the monitors to rotate around it, collapsing in the center like a clam shell for storage or moving.  The base is a USB hub and only a single dual-link cable comes from the back of the device that eventually splits into two DVI connections for attaching to a PC.

(Sorry for the cruddy shots from the pamphlet again!)  Here we another feature of the InterView - the ability to rotate one of the displays around 180 degrees upon which it will automatically invert the image.  This allows a clone mode to show people on opposite sides of a desk the same image without having to interfere with the primary users display. 
Yes, you are reading this correctly: that is an EVGA 780i SLI FTW (for the win, look it up) motherboard.  EVGA now employees some 30 motherboard designers or managers as they begin to stretch their legs away from the reference design platform that they have grown up on.  This board upgrades the existing design with an integrated water/passive/active chipset cooler that gives the user lots of options.  Also, the board is designed with 8-phase power instead of the 6-phase used on current 780i SLI motherboards.  This is still a work in progress and EVGA has even more in the works for custom motherboards.

Props goes to EVGA for bringing new products out to liven up the enthusiast's lives.  Expect all of these products sometime in Q1 and no details on prices are known as of yet.

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